Giant Zombies Mod

The Giant Zombies Mod adds seven zombies of different sizes. Five of them are enormous and look quite frightening when approaching them. Two of them are more like dwarves though because their size, compared to the player, is maybe twice or thrice smaller.

Creator: SHAINYTwitter Account

Different Zombies

There are seven different sized zombies. Neither of the zombies spawn randomly so you will have to use the spawn eggs found in the creative inventory to obtain the items.

Some of the sizes are nearly the same so here we’ll highlight primarily the ones which stand out the most.

This big fella is the largest zombie of them all. He’s 12 times the size of a normal zombie, but not more dangerous since all of the zombies appear to have the same health.


This one is a few notches smaller than the largest of them all.


This one is about the doubled size of the player’s height.


It would be wrong to call these two giants. They are more like miniature versions (or maybe dwarves) compared to the other sizes.

giant-4 giant-5


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19 Responses

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  1. Billy Willy says:

    Can you make a .mcpack download please.
    because I do not know how .zip works.

  2. Anonymous says:

    omg it looooook,s line a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig diiiiig zombie

  3. henry says:

    I installed this mod and I have pc ed and its 1.7,10 but I cant use it

  4. I Will upload says:

    You can make this in a addon

  5. ThatGuyFromTheCornerStor says:

    Why a zip file? iOS users can’t use them. Why can’t you just make a direct download into the game like other mods?

  6. MissingLink says:

    Are these giant creeatures are natural spawning

  7. Hardpixel says:

    How come when I press download it says it can not download

  8. T-Bone says:

    How do I spawn the giant?

  9. kelvin says:

    Plz make mob mod (we can turn intu mod that we killed)

  10. cloudstrike says:

    the zombies are invisible in my android device, how can i saw them? Is there any alternative link in this mod sir?

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