Gif Blocks Addon (discontinued)

Ever wanted to use your favorite Gifs inside of Minecraft? This add-on adds 40 custom blocks with various 128x resolution Gifs on them. Just make a Gif Orb and put it in the stonecutter to get a awesome Gif Block!

How to make the Gif Orb

Put the Gif Orb in a stonecutter to get a Gif Block!

Things to Know

  • You must have a device that is capable of handling 128x textures
  • If you stand far away enough the animation will stop on the Gif blocks

All forty Gif Blocks

Video Review by Rio Kenzie

This has nothing to do with the add-on I just thought it was funny : )

Do “/function gifs” to get all the blocks

In 1,16 custom blocks no longer show up in the creative inventory so the only way to get the gifs blocks is through the stonecutter, via command, and through the function that is put above.


Using this add-on with a low quality device might result in black Gifs or the game to crash when you load a world with this add-on.

Leave Gif Suggestions at this link!

Click Me!


  • You may NOT put a direct link in the description of a YouTube video   
  • You may NOT put this add-on on another website such as  
  • You may NOT put this add-on on a Minecraft Add-ons App.  
  • A link MUST be given to THIS page in any YouTube video.   
  • Have FUN!

    Note: This add-on is now discontinued

Changelog View more
This add-on is discontinued and will no longer receive updates as updating it gets progressively harder and I do not receive any feedback/suggestions so I don't know what to do to make it better.

Removed Linkveritrse and Ad-fly cause I don't want to use them anymore.

Removed the ad-fly link and the linkvertise link for reasons.

  • Changed Title
  • Added a video review by Rio Kenzie to this page
  • Remade the entire add-on
  • remade the entire page
  • Made it work for 1.16
  • Remade the entire Add-on
  • Updated everything to 1.16 format
  • Changed some textures

*Nothing New just typos and pics*


-Changed Installation instructions

-Fixed typos in the introduction

-Changed the pictures to look less ugly

-Added twenty new GIF blocks

-Made the blocks have friction so you don't get thrown a million miles/meters if you step on one(It only took me three updates to even bother to fix it)

-Got rid of Animated screen one and screen two for future plans in next update.(They are still there you just cant craft them or use them) The Mario 2x2 is still in this update!

-More file organization in the resource pack.

-Rewrote everything on this page.

Things you might care about:

Added five new Minecraft themed gifs!

Added a 2x2 Mario gif!

Fixed the names on all the blocks!

You make four gif orbs now instead of one!


Small Stuff:

Updated Pictures

Added Mario function

Reorganized files to be (less) messy

Removed Resolution slider because Minecraft cant handle 256x or 512x textures. Very Unfortunate.

Added eight gifs for people to use!!

1. Eight new gifs were added!

2. Resolution slider was added!



Supported Minecraft versions

Discontinued / Outdated

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124 Responses

4.33 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. I’ve made the decision to discontinue this addon, the addon will still be able to download.

  2. White eye says:

    The download link doesn’t work because it says , “The page owner deleted or changed the package, how to fix this?”

  3. BarrelThyme8615 says:

    I can not download

  4. cartman saying screw you guys imma goin home would be great (with subs)

  5. GygaZaid says:

    Works but… How can u change the gifs?

  6. Guest-2354546477 says:

    make it so that the blocks make SOUND almost like how the beacon makes a humming noise

  7. Bean Boy says:

    i haven’t downloaded it yet but i thought it was nice of you to show us the villager picture i thought it was funny lol

  8. The Update is out! Ignore all comments below now!

  9. Guest-1866829830 says:

    Puede hacer una tv add-oncon esos gif por favor

  10. Due to complications with new format changes in 1.16 the update is delayed until 7/5 but that date isn’t final and could change if more problems occur.

  11. the nether update is coming out on 6/23 and this addon will break, I will update it probably by like 6/28 to fix it and add new stuff. So please don’t complain that it doesn’t work.

  12. TICB202 says:

    Here’s what i could decode :

  13. Update will come out once 1.16 is released.

  14. Guest-7062336137 says:

    what does it mean if i cant find or craft the gif blocks?

  15. Guest-9181857971 says:

    dear creator!can i use you gif blocks on my horror map please? my yt channel is c-dude with a green whote man *not popular*

  16. Guest-8826693130 says:

    I really hate this add-on I craft the item and I put the gif orb in stonecutter but I got nothing!!! ????

  17. Guest-6519415617 says:

    how can i add my own gifs? just for have fun whit my friends

  18. Danieal550 says:

    can you make function song for me…

  19. 785 shares away from 10k!

  20. Guest-8712084975 says:

    Hey man, the link seems to not work…

  21. Guest-7907014931 says:

    hey can i use ur addon in a map?

  22. Seriously, is no one gonna decode the secret message??

  23. If you want me to add a GIF PLEASE give a DIRECT LINK to the GIF. BTW the comment section is buggy sometimes so if your comment doesn’t show up them I’m sorry.

  24. Guest-7306980832 says:

    Please continue the awesome structures addon that one was much better than this one

  25. Guest-5256693337 says:

    please add a mcpack I Want One SOO BAAD!!!

  26. Guest-8771250223 says:


  27. At 10k shares I will do a MEGA UPDATE!!
    Reply with suggestions on gifs you want!

    • Guest-8383648297 says:

      You are the worst addon dev I’ve ever seen, you don’t even care about suggestions and then ask everyone to share just for an update? That’s shameful.

      • I only see one new suggestion in the comment section and that was just a page to a search term. I’m sorry if your comment doesn’t t show up but the comments don’t always work right. I will only add peoples suggestions when people give me direct links to make it easier. For example I have added a anime GIF and a sonic movie gif as per the suggestions of people that gave direct links.

    • Guest-3026770321 says:

      jokes on you, i can just use your code and make it open to people lmao. Free code to the people!!!

  28. Guest-3906059725 says:

    uggghhhhh adfly made it harder for adblock users to get through its shortener

  29. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    Can you Do one of fnaf gif as blocks or the villager news?

  30. Guest-4421834847 says:

    since you hat gravel make a block about a guy killing a living gravel that would be cool (SORRY IF THATS TOO CREEPY)

  31. SCP says:

    Can you please make some SCP Gifs For My Map? Thanks!

  32. Try making the blocks bigger so we can make a cinema (PLEASE)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way to contact you (e.g. Twitter)?, Need something to ask you.

  34. Btw the link isn’t blocked anymore, it’s fixed.

    • Sophia says:

      Hey! I was the one who screenshoted the error in this add-on through email! And I see that you added more blocks, this was a surprise for me! You did a great job doing how I think about the addon…its pretty amazing! But like 7blocks are missing from me which that stayed black again..I think that is because from my device not this add-on…so anyways I don’t care about the errors I only care about the addon and I enjoyed it so I’m going to rate this 5 stars!

      • Sorry I never got back to you via email, I was really busy doing stuff and completely forgot about it. I have no idea why minecraft makes the gif blocks black sometimes, must be a rendering issue. With best regards, ihategravel

  35. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Very nice Hax ! Truly an amazing addition to the modding community XD

  36. Bruh says:

    Private File ._.

  37. I disabled the download link because the resolution slider system isn’t gonna work. SORRY

  38. Things to know about the new update
    New functions:
    /function blocks
    2×2 gifs
    /function screen1
    /function screen2
    Black gifs:
    If a gif is black I cant fix it, it is minecraft’s crappy rendering.

    256x is recommended but 512x only works with a good pc(which I dont have to test it)
    SO IDK!

    2×2 gifs:
    The 2×2 gifs are here but they dont have crafting recipes. Each block is labeled like top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.

    Notice of possible remaking in future:
    I might redue all of the gifs because I didint keep files as neat as I should have. That means all new gifs.

    Comment feedback please!

  39. DevilNeverCary732 says:

    puedes agregar esto como un gif?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Good for making a TV or something like that but Can you add one with Sonic movie new design please

  41. THE_BLUE says:

    Good for making a TV or something like that

  42. Санс 228 says:

    Как скачать

  43. In the next update I will add more (suggestions here) gifs and add gifs(TV’s if your so inclined) that will be 2×2 blocks. I might add a different item or something for those but I not sure yet. Tell me what you think or mostl likely just ignore this.

  44. TwikeySi2006 says:

    Hi! This add-on is great!! Try your best ???

  45. Azd says:

    lol i spelt really wrong XD

  46. Azd says:

    Reallyy good! Fun for messing around.

  47. NoFear says:

    Now i can make a tv thank you

  48. Anonymous says:

    I really like this addon but it would be a lot better if you condensed them both in to a mcaddon

  49. Thepigmaster says:

    Looks good

  50. Sad kid with education edition says:

    Please make non experimental

  51. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can there be a direct download for us poor minecraft education editioners. please!

  52. Alligator says:

    Can u make an alligator addon

  53. Criptixa says:

    Great pack, hope you add more GIFs
    Do you know how to make a zip file a mcpack file on Mac?

  54. No comments? Or is the anti spam thing taking forever?

  55. CubeSteff3906 says:

    This addon îs quite a lot of fun dude! Even though it doesn’t add anything necessarilly useful to the game it is a great idea and a nice addition to the game! I would like to include this in a modpack I am making, so if I credit you on the Discord page could I add it?

  56. PapasConKheso says:

    Esto sin duda es lo mejor que eh visto hasta el momento, sigue con el Addon …

    Esto es lo máximo.jpg 😀

  57. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Can you Do A Gif Block from one of the fnaf animations amd sfms?

  58. Greg says:

    Beautiful… Simply just beautiful.

  59. BenJamin9794 says:

    Bruh only only 7?

  60. Blocky Gamer says:

    You should rename or make a new add-on called the TV add-on cause it’s basically a TV in Minecraft

  61. This is pretty cool! I think many people will use this, whether it be for the GIFs already in the mod, or to make their own animated blocks.

    It has begun to seem as if I have started the Stonecutter Revolution though! XD

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