Gingerbread House [Creation]

Start your next adventure in a snowy winter world. This map includes a life-sized gingerbread house, a Christmas tree and some presents. Around the house you will find a beautiful winter landscape consisting largely of snow and ice spikes. If you want to get in a Christmas mood then give this map a try!

Creator: Luma

gingerbread-house-5 gingerbread-house-4 gingerbread-house-3 gingerbread-house-2 gingerbread-house-1

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10 Responses

  1. Aras22222 says:

    wow, this awesome! I will download this map

  2. Ainah Bernardez says:

    Why do i have so much stuff?

  3. Dain says:

    Screw this map there is no ginger bread house it’s a lie I look for it every we’re all I found was a village and some grass and that’s it I only found ice and snow this is boring

  4. Myron says:


  5. CyborgGamer10 says:

    Ik the creator watched Grian; it looks like his house from the vid xD

  6. Beacarl223pogi says:

    Hey editor can you pls fix the link on Ovu rustic link it doesn’t work….this map is great 🙂

  7. QueenPlayzMinecraft says:

    Is This Like An Adventure Map Or Just A Map You Can Play On^-^

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