Girl Friend Add-on

With this add-on you can have a girlfriend in Minecraft so they can be very useful for our survival world, you can marry a girlfriend and help you defend yourself from enemies.

How does it work?

All the girlfriend we will find in our Minecraft worlds in any biome, there are four different designs,

We can tame them using a ring. To create the ring we need to make it with a diamond and three gold ingots from the crafting table using this recipe:

After giving the ring to a girlfriend, it will defend the player from enemies who attack it, you can ask it to follow you or leave it sitting and you can give it a diamond sword which will increase its attack damage.


Names of girlfriends::

  • Ruby
  • Aracelli
  • Samaria
  • Coopera


  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 10


  • Health 150
  • Damage: 10
  • They are cured by feeding apples, golden carrots and golden apples.

Equipped sword:

  • Damage: 20


  1. Download Resources .McPack.
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack.
  3. Apply the packs for a world.
  4. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  5. Create the world.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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47 Responses

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  1. Guest-2217550070 says:

    Ibxtoycat sent me here

  2. Guest-8586398190 says:

    The models be lookin like tela tubbys

  3. Guest-7228023216 says:

    lmao wtf is this

  4. Guest-2963236442 says:

    i con’t craft the ring.

  5. Guest-9120021272 says:

    I can not download the mod because the page refuses to be displayed and that for all mod help me

  6. Guest-7258885484 says:

    I can not download the mod because the page refuses to be displayed and that for all mod help me

  7. Guest-1023649858 says:

    Ibxtoycat did a video on this mod

  8. Guest-9334740109 says:

    Tell me why they look like Teletubbies

  9. Anonymous says:

    I didnt get a amazing blowjob from them, 0/10 would not reccomend.

  10. Guest-6664009310 says:


  11. Guest-5986701921 says:

    1 star thanks to you my friend h a r a s s e d me

  12. Guest-5813822511 says:

    Why man

  13. Guest-5575885187 says:

    My name is lalat

  14. SabakiSabaku says:


  15. From Spiderman to Girlfriend add-on. What an evolution.

  16. Guest-8538634146 says:

    This is pretty pathetic tbh

  17. Liam TDP says:

    Sorry but the model looks so wierd and not that good can you make it just has normal player model

  18. Guest-7926585120 says:

    DAN TDM did a vid on this Add-On some years ago.

  19. Guest-2511267832 says:

    Why you created a fetish cringe minecraft addon?

  20. Guest-9398704541 says:

    can someone gave me the link direct to mediafire?

  21. blood eye says:

    is this supposed to exist

  22. Ident12345 says:

    Oof they look like teletubies. Thats sick

  23. Guest-4858037537 says:

    this is just a creepy and fetishizing

  24. Guest-8269767846 says:

    Teletubbies! wait they’re hookers?🤔

  25. Guest-2216085492 says:

    links dead can you fix it?

  26. Guest-5001962166 says:

    I know really desperate people but tf?

  27. Guest-7026032379 says:

    Uhh… I tried to get this as a joke and I started getting pop up ads for horny milfs in my area. (This isn’t a joke I actually got these kind if ads)

  28. Guest-9433025195 says:

    BRO this is unrealistic wheres the part where you mate?

  29. Seryito_926 says:


  30. Guest-8284338678 says:

    How do you get past the users drive page

  31. Oh-Hey-We-Couldnt-Skype-Tonight says:

    This Is Funny

  32. Guest-3433419820 says:


  33. KanadaEh says:


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