Glaives and Spears

Do you feel like Minecraft needs more types of weapons. Instead of the plain normal swords, axes, and bows? Maybe some spears and With a variant for ever type of material in Minecraft. Like diamond, nether, iron, gold, stone and wood.

This addon adds in two new types of weapons at the moment. The two new types are of weapons are glaives and spear. The glaives and spear has a variant for each type of material with a crafting recipe for each weapon. Each variant of weapon has a different damage and durability. For example


Wooden spear

Damage: 3 harts

Durability: 60

Stone spear

 Damage: 3 and half harts

Durability: 132

Iron spear

Damage: 4 harts

Durability: 251

Golden spear

Damages: 3 harts

Durability: 33

Diamond spear

Damages: 4 and a half harts

Durability: 1562

Netherite spear

Damage: 5 harts

Durability: 2032

Wooden glaive

Damage: 4 harts

Durability: 60

Stone glaive

Damage: 4 and half harts

Durability: 132

Iron glaive

Damage: 5 harts

Durability: 251

Golden glaive

Damage: 4 harts

Durability: 33

Diamond glaive

Damage: 5 and a half harts

Durability: 1562


Damage: 6 harts

Durability: 2032

Some of the weapons may look like there from Minecraft dungeons that’s because they are! These are based off the spears and glaives from Minecraft dungeons. In this addon we added different versions of these weapons like diamonds, iron and gold spears and glaives.

Crafting recipes

Every weapon in this addon is craftable!

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  1. Sorry but this isn’t a world or a realm this is a addon and I did have a realm link but I took it down because too many people join at once and most of them where hackers sorry about that

  2. Dukezoid says:

    This is a cool world but i cant join the realm? It said something about invalid link

  3. Well thx hop u like it this took a lot of work and effort to get the texture just right!

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