Glass PvP Pack v1.6- New UI, Particles and More!

This texture pack is good for both pvp and survival worlds. You can see through the tools and weapons, you can also see your own skin while wearing an armor. With this texture pack, you can have more vision which will make PvP easy and it also looks cool.

v 1.6

– Added normal swords back

v 1.5 Update

New HUD and ui

New Crosshair

New Breaking Animation

Retextured all the blocks n etc to reduce the lag

Including See through leaves and fire!

New Particles

Smoke particle

Crit and bow spell particle

Potions particle

Explosion particle

Also reduced the rain particle to also reduce lag

And my favourite , 

Ah yes , sunglasses lmao

V 1.1 – 1.4

Weapons and tools :






Bow n Crossbow






Others :

Gcarrot , Gapple, gold nugget , gold ingot

Iron ingot , iron ingot

Emerald and diamond

Ores ( new outline )

Doors and trap doors ( See through)

(new) Borderless Glass n new looks of ores (optional)

 Daggers Version.

JourneyCraft will soon have an update ! its a good update adding a crimson biome and 3d modelled mobs!

Changelog View more

- added the normal swords version again

- Some optimizations

v 1.5 (latest)

- new ui

- new hud

-new textures to boost fps

- new particles to make the game cool

-new crosshair

- see through leaves and fire

You guys can leave your suggestion in the comments section that might make my texture pack better.


- Borderless Glass

- New texture of glass bow

-new looks of ores to make them more easy to see even in the dark.

- Some bugs are fixed

-Made other items transparent (lapiz , redstone, etc)


- New Glass textured doors and trapdoors

- Added new Daggers Version.

- changed .zip file to .mcpack to make it acceptable.


( wait for it to say skip ad then press it , after that deny all the notification until it redirects you to mediafire)


1 Download the file

2 Go to downloads

3 Then tap on the mcpack file , itll automatically install

4 Then activate the resource pack 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16



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15 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-9959393036 says:

    i try to go in a server like cubecraft and then it goes in a infinite loading screen

  2. Zach Marc says:

    Ummm ok, i need help i dont want frekin short swords i downloaded this pack cuz i thought there was no short swords and my swords are short swords ummm where’s the one without the short swords???

  3. Guest-8349336721 says:

    After i press skip ad it tells me i have to subscribe to continue, what do i do?

  4. Guest-1890194582 says:


  5. Guest-8612081213 says:

    This is exactly the armor I was looking for. Thank you so much!

  6. Guest-5421976400 says:

    can you make netherite invis?

  7. Yes! Finally a functional pvp pack that doesn’t use those friggen’ short swords! It doesn’t need them, since you can literally just see through your weapon, and armor allows us to show off our skins and display what kind of armor we have at the same time! Great pack! My one request is that you also make the carrot leaves mostly invisible as well.

  8. Guest-6804431858 says:

    can you make a short swords vvs for this?
    but i still love the pack

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