401598415: Glitched Surface Mineshaft

This seed was originally found by Jason Metch on Twitter. It’s a really cool seed which includes a glitched surface mineshaft just behind spawn. It’s great if you want to quickly lay your hands on some treasures. But it’s also just a really cool terrain generation with three different biomes.

Found by: Jason MetchTwitter Account

As soon as you’ve spawned turn around and look behind you and there you will find the surface mineshaft. It’s also a quite cool mix of three different biomes (plains, desert and mesa).

The chests with minecarts usually include some good items so make sure to check those out.

It’s clearly a glitched terrain generation but nonetheless quite cool to explore.

In the surrounding area you will find a huge dark oak forest, a swamp and a huge mesa biome. It’s a great seed if you want multiple biome options from start.

Seed: 401598415 (you can also type in “Corey Clemans” and get the same result)

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31 Responses

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  1. James Jonhson says:

    I was playing and i found some diamonds. But after like 5 minutes i heard a siren like sound….

  2. TRIAL_GAMING82 says:

    Good man!!

  3. ender-fan says:

    didn’t find the mineshaft

  4. gasboss775 says:

    This is such a great seed. I Keep finding clusters of these glitched surface mineshafts. I found one spilling over to an extreme hills biome that bordered the mesa and another were a plains biome bordered the mesa biome. I’m still working my way around the perimeter of this mesa biome, it’s so HUGE!!!

  5. gasboss775 says:

    I found the most blizzard exotic glitched mesa mineshaft not that far from the first one, it is built into 2-3 mountains with lots of exposed mineshaft tunnels, what makes it look really weird though is that there is a mixture of grass blocks woven in with the mesa Biome blocks. Wish I could upload a pic. Looking at some of the other comments there may be more of these glitched mineshafts, I shall continue to explore!

  6. DGamer96 says:

    This is the nightlock banned seed

  7. gasboss775 says:

    This great seed still works in 1.5.0 there is also a possibly huge mineshaft underneath which appears to stretch underneath the plains, messa & swamp biomes ( I haven’t explored all of it but have encountered parts of it bellow each of these biomes.

  8. The Iron Ender says:

    Can you add that there is a huge ravine under the mineshaft you spawn by. There is also at least a half-stack of gold ore to mine

  9. Mike says:

    Lol I discovered this to my world too in Mesa biome only I believe it’s not a glitch its perfectly normal almost all Mesa biome is like this

  10. Chrissygaming17 says:

    OMG. The mineshaft NEVER ends!!! It’s ridiculous.

  11. Kate says:

    I made this world PE and did not find once i make a map i will go and try to find it but so far at spawn i have found nothing

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cool seed i really want to use it

  13. SwellMonster354 says:

    1 more thing, 788, the oldest seed I know

  14. Darkwolf says:

    Absolutely amazing. Definitely a good seed to try if you want quick loot!

  15. Joe says:

    Very nice seed. a portal built at the spawn location drops you just a few meters from a nether fortress.

  16. Lucy says:

    The whole Mesa has tons of these. I have found well over 100 chests without even trying that hard

  17. Kurtis says:

    I already got two golden apples🤯

  18. Entity 804 says:

    That Was Awesome

  19. Kim Braunstein says:

    I found a small mineshaft near it and a HUGE Mineshaft farther away check it out

  20. The dabbing beast says:

    Wow so cool

  21. Johnny says:

    Nice, i’d like to see more😃 good find

  22. AppleTeeVee says:

    Whoa the areas around the spawn point are glitches so bad. Rest seed!

  23. CaptainImpulse74 says:

    Absolutely unbelievable, not gonna lie😱. If you go to the following coords: 828 60 -49, you end up in a perfect staircase, with a dead end at the bottom. Could it be that we are not alone…?😈

  24. 😮HotEcho says:

    This is kind of good, I’m thinking its a mod tho😑

    • rly gud prayer says:

      How could it be a mod? It’s a seed BUILT IN TO Minecraft! You can’t change that unless you make an update yourself, and somehow publish it to Win10, iOS, and Android!

  25. Sweetcutepaw says:

    Omg!! I did it, this is amazing!!

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