Glow Mob

Are you always afraid of the dark? Do you want to see nearby monsters? Well, I made this just for you. What does it do? This addon makes you see mobs in the dark. From now on you’ll feel safer wandering in dark places. 

Here is the screenshot:

As you can see, the mobs are glowing but not necessarily emitting light. You can clearly see them even it is dark. Even underground with no light source around! 


– See mobs even in pitch black places


– Just install and activate it in your world


– Not working on Horse Family (again! Damn horses 🙄) 



Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

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  1. Sebastien Poole says:

    Does it work for players?

  2. Hinge 45 says:

    still no horse compatible update? lol horse is hard

  3. 2017mygame says:

    is it okay if I can use your texture pack in one of my maps? it will be very appreciated and I will credit you in the game and in the description on this site

  4. Can i edit it for personal use only? (Adding red eyes in zombie, creeper and other hostile mobs)

  5. White eye says:

    What’s that horse family?

  6. Nicerro says:

    Nice Texture!!!

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