God of TNT Mod

Ever wanted to control TNT with a greater extent of power such as being able to create different types of explosions? God of TNT is a mod which adds five types of explosions designed for different types of situations. The functions are really simple but it’s a lot of fun to experiment with.

Creator: Krim4918

What are the different explosions?

First off, to obtain the items required to cause the explosions use the creative inventory or an inventory mod like Toolbox. Here are the names of the items: Missile, Defense Explosion, Airstrike, Super Impact, Big Bang.

The Missile Explosion fires a TNT block forward and after a one second it will explode.


If you are being attacked by enemies in multiple directions then the Defense Explosion is extremely useful. It will create a ring of explosions surrounding you. It takes 10 seconds to detonate.


The Airstrike is just what it seems like by the name. Multiple ignited TNT blocks will fall from the sky and once they reach ground the blocks will explode.


The Super Impact makes one TNT block appear at wherever you tapped on the ground. Then on top of that another 10-20 TNT blocks will appear 1-2 seconds after. The explosion of the first TNT block will impact the 10-20 TNT blocks by making them shoot in different directions. And shortly thereafter the rest of the TNTs will explode as well.

superimpact11 superimpact22 superimpact33

The Big Bang explosion is the most precision explosive. Tap anywhere on the ground and after 30 seconds a powerful explosion will happen.



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  1. Christ says:


  2. Failboy says:

    Man the editor was so triggerd XD LOL

  3. kloid says:

    This mod work in 0.13.0 or 0.12.X

  4. Lamo says:

    Does the bombs damage mobs?

  5. Gigabytezz says:

    But how did dem villagers survive the Big Bang doe

  6. Lamo says:

    Can you give me the link for 0.13.0 blocklauncher.

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