Godzilla Add-on

Godzilla is often referred to as the “King of the Monsters” and that title is probably the best one to describe this ancient creature. He’s much larger than any of the common mobs in Minecraft and his main (and also most destructive) power is his ability to shoot fireballs but he can also cause damage by hitting his targets. Are you ready for one of the greatest boss battles in Minecraft PE? Well, you better be unless you want Godzilla to take over the world!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How to fight Godzilla?

Godzilla (replaces creepers) is the king of monsters and is an apparent threat to anyone who walks the earth. Animals, villagers or basically any living creature will be an obvious target.

It’s up to you (and your friends) to defeat Godzilla. But believe me, it’s not going to be something easy so make sure to bring lots of health potions and anything else which might make the fight easier.

Godzilla has a long range attack which allows him to shoot tons of fireballs at his targets. And if you get up really close to him then he will immediately start using his melee attack.

I really hope you like eating fish (or have cats who do) because you’ll be rewarded with lots of it but thankfully also a nether star and some experience points.

General Godzilla Information

  • Health: 400 hearts
  • Attacks everything that moves
    • Melee: 20 – 40 attack damage
    • Shoots fireballs
  • Knockback resistance
  • Attack range radius: 64 blocks
  • Drops
    • 10 – 30 raw fish
    • 5 – 20 raw salmon
    • 1 nether star


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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162 Responses

4.47 / 5 (91 vote)
  1. Anoumonous says:

    Can you just do ad fly and then media fire, stop trying to earn so much money.

  2. djbello says:

    omg that link!!! man, put it somewhere else for crying out loud. tried to download it on my xbox. fail. tried it on my macbook, popups galore. turned off popup blocker, and link is broken. what gives!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Put the link on media fire ffs half of us can’t do shit with th link you have

  4. Raven says:

    Your link is so shit

  5. bruh says:

    Download link is broken

  6. elpokemaster300 says:

    5 stars if they vote to make a King Ghidorah mod

  7. Godzilla Fan says:

    Make him taller alot taller and give him around 10 000 health make hes damage like 540 and this addon will be perfect and make the beam stronger than the meele attack

  8. Arin says:

    Idk why but i cant download it on mcpeup

  9. godfael says:

    Hey theres a new movie Godzilla 2 and plz make a charizard addon plz i like it and its cool

  10. The toy king91 says:

    Five stars.

  11. G0ldenD3mon says:

    Can you update this Amazing add-on and add a few Monsters from the up-coming movie Godzilla 2 wich has new monster such as “Mothra” and “Rodan” and “King Ghidora” or maybe adding King Kong to make it better, i installed this addon back when i played MCPE Version 1.2+ now its 1.12 so can you add stuff like not replacing any of the existing mobs please

  12. Trager says:

    Can you update this add-on without replacing any mobs
    and you will add some monsters including mothra,rodan,anguirus,king ghidorah and king kong

  13. Anonymous says:

    El Addon es muy bueno pero con las actualizaciones de los addons ahora debería agregarse sin reemplazar al creeper, lo que no se le ve bien es que mueva muy rápido las piernas al caminar y en las nuevas versiones el modelo se dañó, la cabeza aparece separada y las piernas mal acomodadas

  14. patrapee says:

    it cant download​ this addon

  15. SW says:

    Is there a different place to get this download? it doesn’t work anymore

  16. Aiden says:

    This is pretty good,but make him have a melee attack and make him way more bigger.Another thing to do with this Addon is don’t replace him and make other Godzilla like 1954,1984,Burning Godzilla,Shin Godzilla,1998,and 2000 plus some monsters like King ghidorah,motora,motora larva,rodan,angrius and 2 mystery ones.If you have a big team that are willing to do anything to make an epic mod then I’m sure you can do this but if not just try to do the first thing it says in this paragraph.

  17. Joshua winship says:

    Please replace fireball with blue fireball

  18. Message: says:

    Dude, fix this… I can’t download it by the link… Maybe use Mediafire!

  19. Message: says:

    Oh it replaces creepers… WAIT SO IT SPAWNS ACROSS THE WORLD, OMG!

  20. Message: says:

    Is it replacing a mob? Or did you do something difficult enough to make so it doesn’t replace a mob…

  21. liam09291 says:

    i replace the orange atomic breath to blue atomic breath

  22. Joshua Winship says:

    Ad King Kong

  23. Joshua Winship says:

    This is epic editer pls make him bigger,stronger,and more health pls man 😩

  24. Joshua Winship says:

    Make him much bigger and give him 100000 health


    The Best Add-on I’ve Ever Seen!

  26. By3by3n0w says:

    How do I download the addons

  27. Anonymous says:

    the Addon link wont work :/

  28. H2Os says:

    Links no longer work

  29. Joseph says:

    Godzilla is weak

  30. liam09291 says:

    Its kinda like the 2014 version

  31. ociN says:

    I love it its great, finally a godzilla on mcpe
    But i think there could be some improvements:
    -first, buff godzilla, it is difficult to fight obviously but not that difficult, dont make it too op but its great if it hade moar damage, 1.5 times the health i guess, and a healing factor also make it so that creepers have like a 1% chance of being godzilla and the other 99% will it being a zombie or skeleton cuz its very odd to have like 4 godzillas at once when playing a survival(ok i get it its not meant to be a survival addon but rly tho) but at least buff it cuz many other addoned mobs can kill it in a mob battle
    -also add in more kaijus like mothra(maybe replaces the bat(like a good mothra since i know you could make good designs and not just a retextured bat
    Ghidorah replaces wither maybe
    Mechagodzilla maybe the iron golem
    And other stuff

  32. NaziHyena says:

    Move it to Mediafire please

  33. Some dude says:

    When I get to the MCPEUp part, it never loads.

  34. Blazingfire262 says:

    Update please! I want some kind of kaiju. And Robots!

  35. Ash says:

    I’m a noob but, I can’t download

  36. Werewolf_37 says:

    Fun Fact: Godzilla is actually good. There were 2 bad monsters but I forgot their names.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Help me I’m on apple

  38. Kobe says:

    PLEASE add more kaiju creatures,like King Kong, king ghidorah, destroyah! And can you make Godzilla able to destroy buildings when he runs into it, make him more aggressive, and increase his size ALOT more.

  39. Pabpayabpappa says:

    It say behiver load failed when spawn creeper is it small godzilla and exploding like creeper 😒😒😒

  40. Goodzilla says:

    Hiw do you download it?

  41. TK-6606 says:

    So cool! I love it so much!!!

  42. KenFranks says:

    Can you add something new like a other Godzilla Boss because there’s a lot of other Addons that have more mods but this one only have 1 mob and make the drops good we don’t need fish

  43. Night Fury 1307 says:

    There should be a Mothra and King Ghidorah Addon!!!!

  44. Gian1267 says:

    I know that Creeper as the godzilla

  45. ElectroAaron says:

    If Godzilla addon can be in minecraft then Attack on Titan addon should be.

  46. Please do this Gona says:

    Please make Godzilla 85 blocks tall and 120 blocks long because I saw a video showing a King Kong from skull island Addon for android vs this Godzilla Addon and the King Kong won and it was twice the size of Godzilla and pls reply if you will do this.

  47. WWEwitherstormgodzillafanman says:

    Can you make godzilla like 2x as tall srsly it’s small make it bigger make the behaviour pack make godzilla bigger and add M.U.T.O please

  48. Nathan says:

    Nice addon this is perfecf for mob battles but i cant find a mob that can match its power and also add more mobs like king ghidora(idk thr spelling sorry) the mothra, king kong, and also add a godzilla pet like the ones in th pc version i think its kiryu(idk the name of it)

    • Nathan says:

      Also if you can make the godzilla not attack each other i was trying to spawn 2 and they fought each other pls fix that i really want to do a big mob battles with godzilla but 2 godzilla just attack each other i hope you’ll chanfe that behavior

  49. John cena says:

    Can you make a King Kong addon make his replace the iron golem and he does 20 to 50 damage and he has 400 or 500 health he shoots a green lazer or fire chargers. Can you make a mothra addon he\she replaces the wither or the bat if the bat, make him\her have 300 or 600 health he\she shoots again fire chargers and does 30 to 60 damage with its metal attack.

  50. Godzilla fan2017 says:

    Gonna if you read this pls pls pls make a Burning 2014 hollywood godzilla and put the roar of burning godzilla when he spawn and a loud 2014 roar when he dies.Pls make it I know you can and add a Godzilla G-cell armor to that has insane buff and stuff.And also add a king Ghidora the 3head dragon that shoot out yellow gravity beams from each of its head.

  51. Godzilla fan2017 says:

    Can you make godzilla more powerfull pls take the normal godzilla HP and times 1million to it.Godzilla need to be that powerfull because he is the king of monster.Make him kill able but only with commands.

  52. Godzilla fan2017 says:

    Make the atomic breath blue and use the godzilla 2017 roar instead of the japanese roar pleaee .

  53. John cena says:

    Can you make a king kong addon? And can you make a mothra addon?

  54. MagMalik96 says:

    I can’t install it please HELP !

  55. Dino says:

    Godzilla is able to defeat the Wither, all of the dinosaurs, several Mobzillas, several AT-ATs, and all of the mutants except the Mutant Wither, although it was very close to it in power.

  56. Dino says:

    This Godzilla is awesome! Though wasn’t doing as much destruction as I wanted… so I made the Fireball explosion power 5.0… I think it did the trick. (TNT explosion power is 4.0).

  57. freddy says:

    I can’t find any fair matches against any mob because of the 99999999 fireballs coming out of its mouth so add another Godzilla monster that flies so Godzilla can’t shot it easly

  58. Xander says:

    Woah Nice Addon Man And I Have Some Suggestions
    1.Can You Add Some Of The Monsters From The Movie Godzilla
    2.Pls Fix The Drop Add Some Nice Loot When You Kill Godzilla

    That’s All And Keep Up The Good Work Love It!!!

  59. GavinInnovator_3 says:

    Does it attack players in creative?

  60. PoizonGamerYTC says:

    Mobzilla agains Godzilla

    And Godzilla Actualy Wrek Mobzilla XD

  61. Alexander says:

    Cool mod

  62. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Gona👤 how you can change the body 🐢🐙🐖and and how you can make the godzilla shoot a lazer?Why the godzilla look soo 🔎small,and add some spike on her tail!

    Nice addons
    Ps:you good creator!😉👍

  63. MCPEDL_AddonTester says:

    WoW he killed the enderdragon

  64. Eman says:

    Best Addon ever five stars for me

  65. Allen says:

    Nice Addons

  66. Wither says:

    If this is Hollywood’s Godzilla,I’d like you to add Moutoo by all means

  67. Wither says:

    If I love Japanese godzilla and this is Godzilla of Hollywood,l would like you to add Moutoo

  68. Hadrian15 says:

    This mob is so powerful, that it even can kill Mobzilla from another add-on.

  69. Hadrian15 says:

    Godzilla IS truly the king of monsters! All hail!

  70. Anonymous says:

    It can drop creeper heads!?

  71. Bobjohns says:

    Also pls make M.U.T.O

  72. Wither says:

    Replacing wither skeleton With destroyer and strength than Godzilla

  73. Tim says:

    Gona if you see this please try to add the M.U.T.O’s because that would be awesome

  74. Anonymous says:

    Best addonnnnnnn!!!!😜:D

  75. Supremephant says:

    and can you also add mothra because he or she is one of my favorites

  76. RageFlame_MCPEPH says:

    Pls update a little bit because the Godzilla so fast so i cant kill him in survival mode pls slow him a liitle bit.Plsss i like so much

  77. Troll Gaming Gamer says:

    5 Star

  78. noleadjustbugs says:

    What mob gets replaced here? Btw, epic addon!

  79. Godzillafanboy says:

    Best addon ever as I said but can you make the tail swing lef right left right that would be really cool but still if you keep it like this no worries BEST ADDON EVER

  80. ProGamingMinecraft says:

    This addon is so cool!!! Gona, maybe you could add more giant monsters like king ghidora or Mothra or the monsters from the 2014 movie! Anyways, SO AWESOME!!!

  81. BuggyPig says:

    This Addon is awesome though make Godzilla replace husk instead of creepers

  82. RayDzikri says:

    Omg Good Welldone!

  83. Andreas513 says:

    Please add the robotic godzilla (kiryu), king ghidorah, burning godzilla, king kong, rodan and more mob ,like the godzilla mod in pc

  84. Wapster says:

    Wow!This Add-On is so amazing! Much better than the Mobzilla Add-On.Great Work Gona.

  85. Doctoremy says:

    Name of the map ?

  86. ScrapyCoCo says:


  87. PolygonForLife says:

    Bruh I hate clownfish. BTW,great addon.

  88. Minecraft Noob! says:


  89. Closeingderaert says:

    dude can you add king kong? and make a epic battle

  90. Joe Saad says:

    Very nice!!! Keep working Editor!!!!

  91. Bang toyib says:


  92. Tom says:


  93. Zero_h says:

    I consider this as very hard. And creepers at night are common too. 4 stars because it must be the wither because creepers ( which spawns frequently at hard mode) will make survival a nightmare

  94. Bruh says:

    Godzilla is awesome!!!

  95. Duckiest says:

    Awesome map. I see a slight problem though. As the Godzilla replaces creepers, as night falls you suddenly get at least 10 Godzilla spawning. Interesting game play but night is lethal.
    Thank-you for the awesome addon.

  96. Notchobrine says:

    Hey Gona Good addons Can you add other Godzilla monsters

  97. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Nice one addons! You shoukd make the godzilla more bigger and textured the fireball

  98. joker lol says:

    Like the best addon in the world

  99. SunnyPe says:

    Finally a amazing godzilla addon with amazing textures and behaviors! Also Gona you are my favorite addon creator of all time!

  100. Raboy13 says:

    The loots are not worth it. I would just run a way and dig underground. Lol

  101. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Best addon for Godzilla I could find! 5 stars!

  102. SFGalGamer says:

    WOW AMAZING!!!!!

  103. Love your stuff says:


  104. Epicnerfadam says:

    It will be cool if you can tame the beast and ride

  105. PlazaCraft says:

    Battle Godzilla with the mega mech addon there compatible with each other and it’s rlly fun

    • ociN says:

      Unfortunately godzilla loses like 8/10 which is sad because godzilla could easily defeat gipsy danger
      It’ll be great if godzilla is buffed

  106. GutsyPaladin404 says:

    Not the best thing in the world but it is cool

  107. Epicpro says:

    The best but can you please please please please please please add mutos

  108. Janessa says:

    Five stars 😳

  109. Mary says:

    Nice so amazing 😉

  110. John says:

    I agree

  111. Tyler says:

    Make a “too much TNT mod”

  112. Anonymous says:

    Love it!!

  113. Tyler says:

    Nice 👍

  114. Emerio says:

    This is perfect I have this map Wich is for asl mini City texture pack I could use this addon for that map

  115. Mr bacon says:

    Please reply this is a fantastic addon can you add King Kong so maybe I could make King Kong and Godzilla fight it could replace maybe a zombie or husk.

  116. Enderman PE Official says:

    I swear I already seen this on your site

  117. Eman says:

    I really like this Addon

  118. Godzilla says:


  119. GMScrafter says:

    What map is that, also, OMG FIVE STARS.

  120. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    Nice Addon! 😀 Completely unrelated: we need a splatoon Addon, with squids that have custom models and stuff

  121. Ifeanyi says:


  122. Bobjohns says:

    What!!! I can’t believe it.So you do know Godzilla.This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Vladu11 says:

    Very cool!

    • GhostCesare says:

      Can you make a Lorc of the Rings addon Anyone? With orcs Uruk hai, wizards, sauron, elfs, Gandalf, armor, ores, the witch kings, nazcol, hobbits, and retextures that would be amazing, anyways I give this addon 5 stars.

    • Werewolf_37 says:

      Vladu11!? I loved using your add on for realistic villagers. But I used only the resource pack because I wanted them to move.

  124. Mike says:


  125. MinecraftMad2005 says:


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