Godzilla Heisei Add-on

Have you ever wanted to see the best Godzilla era (in my opinion) in MCPE. If you did, then consider yourself lucky. The Heisei Era is here!  Including Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah, and Godzilla.

All these models are by me. The reason the files of godzilla , mothra, rodan were in ghidorah heisei addon was because those were the beta files for this addon.



Ghidorah has 300 health and blasts lightning until you are dead. It is now fire resistant. He is a real challenge to beat in default survival Minecraft.

Health: 300

Attacks: Mothra, Godzilla

Power: lightning


Godzilla is King Ghidorah’s nemesis. Godzilla has 250 health and blasts his atomic breath at all his enemies.

Health: 250

Attacks: Rodan, Ghidorah

Power: Atom Breath


Mothra, the queen of the monsters is here to fight back against the great evil (ghidorah) With 150 health, and 5 attack damage, you shuold not mess with her.

Health: 150

Attacks: Rodan, Ghidorah

Power: Melee attack


Rodan, the fire demon has arrived to fight Godzilla, and Mothra. Having 200 health this beast is not something you want to mess with.

Health 200

Attacks: Mothra, Godzilla

Power: Melee attack


Enable experimental gameplay. 

Apply resource and behaviour pack 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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59 Responses

4.3 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Gayrams2006 says:

    Bruh NvM he steal this texture from Tihyo

  2. Guest-7748391973 says:

    Remake godzilla and mothra pls add roars e more kaijus pls

  3. ultimatecraft says:

    Hi Creator, can I use your addon in my video?

  4. Guest-3626813410 says:

    Great addon, please improve the models and add mechagodzilla

  5. Just asking says:

    Really cool addon

  6. Just asking says:

    Hey can you add this stuff?
    Higher health at least 50% higher ,fix godzilla completely including his etomic breath please

  7. Burger says:

    This is amazing

  8. Anonymous says:

    Perdón que diga Minecraft PC

  9. Anonymous says:

    Podrías Aser a Kong igual al de Godzilla mod de minutos pc

  10. Yaya123 says:

    the addon is trash COME ON!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Four stars, because literally, you have the only addon for godzilla, and it has all the monsters. Good job. Make all models bigger to match mothra. You also left the skin creator outline on block bench on Ghidorah, so there is a rectangle of skin there. Also there is a eye on its neck. Add loot to mothra and Rodan. Finally, you may think I’m crazy but after lots of modded survival, with swords that can be crafted with tons of nether stars that do 60 damage these guys are weak. Buff them a little.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also if possible, fix the attack behavior. The mothra and Rodan is almost completely a proto as it’s just a flying replica of the pc mod.

  12. Itz dino says:


  13. Itz dino says:

    Actually your saying shut up to a kid So YOU GUYS SHUT UP

  14. Release says:

    Hi legit love this addon but when is the swamp++ addon released

  15. Shin Godzilla says:

    Why is Godzilla Bigger than Ghidorah and mothra is bigger than evryone can you fix that if its a Glitch? Well i Like the Teaxtures at least.

  16. Peridot fan says:

    Can Ghidorah be bigger because he’s smaller than godzilla

  17. Trager1314 says:

    This is the worst models and behaviors that i’ve seen. Why don’t you use the website called the blockbench it is a better way to create the awesome model but i create the better godzilla model but i didn’t add the animations but the mob replacement i did. But make a better fight for godzilla and king ghidorah.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the bosses a little bit stronger because they are not hard to kill. Also give the kaiju more ability so they give players a challenge. Overall awesome addon/mod!

  19. G15 Anims says:

    Hah cool… Better than Tihyo’s Godzilla mod

  20. Megalodon says:

    Pls make it better and can you add shin godzilla pls

  21. ϵlϵϻϵͷϯαl ϭϴjῖrα says:

    How can they not see me from medium range? Can you please fix that bug?

  22. Zachary says:

    Tihyo is more better it has emotes on the godzilla and godzilla is more better Right PLUS THATS TRUE AM I RIGHT?

  23. Matias says:

    You can meke betters textures for the mobs??Plz

  24. Gayrams2006 says:

    Bruh could u add King Kong 1962 and Battra please would better than Tihyo 🙂

  25. Gayrams2006 says:

    Cool I like it 🙂 better than tihyo

  26. Eddie4gamer says:

    Wow it’s so good!

  27. R3ND3R says:

    Hi! my names R3ND3R but you can call me Render i am a personal addon maker im working on a Godzilla Addon but can i have your model and remake it? i will put credits on it! If your down just let me know.


  28. Sse says:

    Suggestion: Make a alternative version that adds thousands of health to these mobs to make them harder to fight.

  29. RafatAR32DA says:

    Hey bro I was found all this features inside the the ghidorah add-on are you was working on it?

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