Godzilla The King of The Monsters Addon

Have you been wanting a more detailed godzilla addon? A godzilla addon, that puts quality first, before quantity? Well, I have. This addon adds The King of The Monsters! It has detailed animations, epic behaviours, and detailed textures. HUGE thanks to Dinosaurs Fan for making the epic model!

This addon adds one mob, and you guessed it! It adds the legendary Godzilla!!!!! Godzilla has 10000 health, and can deal 200 damage with it’s melee attack! It has a ranged attack, which is Godzilla using it’s atomic breath which also deals 200 damage. Godzilla can use it’s iconic roar to show it’s the apex predator! This addon is compatible with Distant’s Godzilla addons.

Health: 10000

Melee: 200

Range: 200


HUGE thanks to Dinosaurs Fan for making the epic model!


Enable Experimental Gameplay


Supported Minecraft versions


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26 Responses

4.69 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. XenoVolgun5023 says:

    What if you added many kaijus

  2. ክጎኗዘፕጠልዪቿ says:

    this isnt the godzilla we all know and love, he kills villagers havent u watch the 2019 godzilla movie yet? He defends citys not destroy them well in the 1954 he does but he isnt the one we all know and love, make him have 1000000 health and 10000 damage and please in the next update, let him not fight peaceful mobs and animals let him attack hotile mobs that kills humanity and please update the dorsal fins to the 2019 one where the 1954 dorsal fins have a return just please. Im gonna give this a 3 star rating becuase the addon is really good, thank you.

  3. Kloude32 says:

    I think you should make godzilla a bit op

  4. MiracleTheDragon says:

    Dragon Mounts 2 (DM2) is my favorite addon for Minecraft this one is great but I think Dragon Mounts is better there are some bugs that need to be fixed and I really love that addon please update it 🙂

    • Male sunlight dragon won’t spawn
    • Biomes aren’t spawning
    • Can’t speed up water dragon egg and some of the others
    • The A.I is kinda weird but it’s not that bad
    • The emerald armor isn’t in the game I can’t get it from commands or craft it
    • I think leather or maybe even chain Mail armor might be cool
    • Some of the animations are weird and I think they should be updated
    • Maybe if you could somehow make ruby armor idk I just think it’d be cool
    • Maybe a new dragon that can change colors or be dyed
    • There aren’t many creatures in the desert so maybe a desert dragon
    • Maybe different color variations if that’s possible I know other people can do it
    • The dragon breath animations look kinda weird

    These are just some suggestions and you probably won’t see this comment but if you do please update DM2 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Qai2448 says:

    Finally something stronger then mesozoic biology tyrannosaurus

  6. Meckabone says:

    Can you update the Dragon Mounts 2 addon for the 1.16?

  7. Jacopo Gianfreda says:

    upgrade the statistics: 1000000 hp AND 10000 DAMAGE

  8. PrinceMJ says:

    Hey Legitdragonb0y You Did It Again Another Awesome Add-on!!!, And An Awesome Model By Dinosaur Fan You Guys Are Awesome, You’re Add-ons Are Always A Joy To Review On My Channel Thank You And Good Luck You two 😀

  9. Danplayz52 says:

    This looks amazing

  10. GreenVoid 29k says:

    Can You Add A Swimming Animations In Your Godzilla Addon

  11. Matrich says:

    Just one question will this work If I put another addon ?

  12. are ya coding son says:

    can godzilla spawn on your survival world?

  13. Thepavosaurio says:

    Godzilla :v

  14. Gojiboi84 says:

    Seeing godzilla makes me think of my denied pack with goji in it too bad for me

  15. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:

    That’s awesome, I think you should boost his stats, Like giving him 100.000 or 1.000.000 hp and 10000 damage, and also add more animations

  16. 3DGunsadviser says:

    Ummm uhhh…

    Why did Godzilla die instantly when Ghidorah hit him??!!

  17. Springbonnie476 says:

    Noice 👌

  18. Ivy.The.Gamer says:

    Great addon! What city did you use in the screenshots?

  19. ክጎኗዘፕጠልዪቿ says:

    Aight please upgrade his health and damage he got instantly killed by ghidorah

  20. The VynuX says:

    Good 10/10 just add more animations!!

  21. THE_BLUE says:

    I can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I’ll feel like Godzilla

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