Godzilla King Of The Monsters Addon

Have you ever wanted to experience godzilla, his allys and his enemies in MCPE? Then this is the right addon for you.

This addon adds 13 mobs to MCPE. It has Kaijus from 2016, 2017, and the 2019 Godzilla movie.

Godzilla – can transform to Charged Godzilla

Health : 500,000

Damage : 30,000

Reach : 10 blocks.

Charged Godzilla – can transform back to Godzilla

Health : 500,000

Damage : 15,000 per 0.0 second

Reach : 500 blocks

King Ghidorah / Monster Zero – can turn to Flying Ghidorah

Health : 750,000

Damage : 20,000

Reach : 15 blocks

Flying Ghidorah – can transform back to King Ghidorah / Monster Zero

Health : 750,000

Damage : 250,000 ( attacks only once )

Reach : 10 blocks

Kong – can regen full health per minute

Health : 500,000

Damage : 25,000

Reach : 10 blocks

Shin Godzilla – shoots laser blast instead of melee

Health : 750,000

Damage : 20,000

Reach : 100 blocks

Godzilla Earth – can transform to Charged Godzilla Earth

Health : 10,000,000

Damage : 500,000

Reach : 100 blocks

Charged Godzilla Earth – can transform back to Godzilla Earth

Health : 5,000,000

Damage : 150,000 per 0.0 second

Reach : 10,000 blocks

Animation : like Charged Godzilla

Behemoth – can regen full health per minute

Health : 450,000

Damage : 30,000

Reach : 15 blocks

M.U.T.O – can regen full health per minute

Health : 450,000

Damage : 25,000

Reach : 10 blocks

Scylla – can regen full health per minute

Health : 450,000

Damage : 25,000

Reach : 10 blocks

Rodan – regen full health per minute

Health : 300,000

Damage : 30,000

Reach : 5 blocks

Methuselah – can regen full health per minute

Health : 600,000

Damage : 30,000

Reach : 10 blocks

Burning Godzilla – can transform back to default Godzilla ( melee ) after 1 minute

Health : Alot

Damage : 500,000 per atomic pulse

Reach : 1000 blocks ( atomic pulse )

Items :

Kaiju Scales – can be crafted. Also can be dropped by the Kaiju in this add-on.

Damage : 10

Ability : none

Recipe : 

Godzilla Sword – can  be crafted by kaiju scales. 

Damage : 25,000

Ability : makes you faster

Recipe :

Changelog View more

New mobs :

Burning Godzilla


Fixed Godzilla Earth transformation lag

Here look at tht top of the description. If you are okay you can delete the picture 

I got permission from LegitDragonb0y now.

Pls upload this to mcpedl

Downloaders pls dont mind.

They can spawn naturraly in your world 

Buffed all mobs ( addon in my youtube channel )

Mobs :


Godzilla Charged


Flying Ghidorah

Godzilla Earth

Godzilla Earth Charged

Shin Godzilla






Items :

Godzilla Sword

Kaiju Scale


How to import Addon to MCPE :

Step 1 - extract zip file

Step 2 - open folder and press mcpacks one at a time

Step 3 - Enjoy the Addon !!!

Help by subscribing to the creator :

Credit to LegitDragonb0y for scylla texture and mothra model and texture.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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36 Responses

3.05 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. TheHarvenger says:

    The mod does not work. I am playing this in survival, and a godzilla spawned, freezing the game to the point where it would almost not run when it is spawned in. I made a godzilla sword to kill it, but it just becomes a wooden sword that says “Godzilla Sword” and does no damage. Please fix this.

  2. Guest-4676687280 says:

    May I make a map with this addon, please

  3. Guest-8294002837 says:

    I have no Idea on how to spawn in burning Godzilla because he just keeps die ing but besides that It is really cool

  4. Guest-2274749493 says:

    No lo e descargado pero se me ase bueno

  5. Guest-3328189846 says:

    puedes hacer un complemento de leviathan vs behemoth

    you can add a leviathan vs behemoth

  6. Guest-1139545385 says:

    puedes hacer mas chiquita a mothra????

    can you make mothra smaller ????

  7. Guest-5465876890 says:

    Good addon but you update models?

  8. Guest-7959608398 says:

    Can you make a link that mobile players can use because I am a mobile player and I tried downloading the addon and it didn’t work

  9. Guest-8270230137 says:


  10. ThisJobYT says:

    Are you able to animate the mobs a lot better? Like for example: King Gidorah’s wings might not be animated, so, care to animate it better?

  11. Guest-1831526050 says:

    Something I realized about this mod. Yes I know about the 3.0 version of KaijuCraft and what kind of stuff was lacked in the 4.0 version. The items that you got rid of were the Ak-47, the sniper rifle, the knife, the grenade, the throwable lightning bolt, and the Atomic blast with the huge explosion that burning Godzilla fires, The sound effects you got rid of was the sound effect we hear when we throw something, the new lightning sound effect, and godzilla’s atomic breath sound effect. Also where’s Ghidorah Planet Eater?

  12. Guest-1057960898 says:

    Addon fail to load

  13. Guest-3385660164 says:

    When i spwan the Mobs of your addon i can only see the bossbar and the sounds of the Bosses but i cant See the mobs

  14. Pls understand . I am still learning how to make better custom entitys. Im still a beginner so pls understand me.

  15. Guest-2673744869 says:

    Wow you released this add-on I saw your YouTube channel

  16. Guest-9283409816 says:

    why does the charged godzilla earth have less stats than normal godzilla earth
    nevertheless this is the most overpowered mobs addon jesus christ it isn’t even fair lol

  17. Guest-1033407453 says:


  18. Guest-9913305564 says:

    2 models are stolen kong and scylla

  19. Guest-3832197887 says:

    good but the models are eh.

  20. kingofdrago123 says:

    i cant use zip is there a mcpack?

  21. Guest-6798744003 says:

    I only get the resource pack?????????

  22. Guest-9874635407 says:


  23. Guest-4112167480 says:

    Model look terrible

  24. Guest-1305247480 says:

    The model can do better and animation can do better a

  25. Guest-4637525561 says:


  26. Guest-1256540815 says:

    That scylla model it looks familiar hmmm

  27. Anonymous says:

    Cool addon but the texture and skin model are dkgmkzmwmgks

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