Godzilla KOTM Add-on (Fixed The Huge Creeper)

The Godzilla KOTM Add-on adds 10 huge monsters from the Godzilla KOTM movie with dramatic sounds. It’s really a must-play if you like Godzilla and want to experience his wrath in Minecraft!

The monsters:

Larva: it’s huge beautiful butterfly but in larva stage.

Health: 350,000

Attack damage: 130

Power: web spit

Ghidorah: huge 3 headed golden dragon have lightning power.

Health: 550,00

Attack damage: 4,500

Power: lightning bolts/gravity beam

Godzilla: a huge dinosaur monster they had atomic power.

Health: 550,00

Attack damage: 4,500

Power: atomic breath

Rodan: a big lava bird monster.

Health: 400,000

Attack damage: 200

Mothra: it’s the Larva but in the final stage, huge butterfly glowing in the dark.

Health: 350,000

Attack damage: 150

Burning Godzilla: it’s the same Godzilla but with powerful fire power make expansions killing everything.

Health: 5,000,000

Attack damage: 200,000

Power: atomic explosion

Other monsters (all this monsters have a same health and damage):

All this monsters health and damage:

Damage: 150

Health: 300,000






Godzilla model by Gona

Edited by RafatAr32

Permission from Gona to use the model: ( ).


Gona: @all_gona

RafatAr32: @Ar32Rafat.

Changelog View more

Fixed the huge creeper from Gona Godzilla add-on.                                 



After Download the .mcaddon file open them to your Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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93 Responses

4.47 / 5 (47 votes)
  1. Guest-8611398268 says:

    May I make a map with this addon, please

  2. Guest-4315391818 says:

    I have a idea for a update, guns and weapons from the army or defense force to help kill them and a reward for killing them, like a scale from them to upgrade armor or the D.N.A of the one you killed that you can use to turn into them but once you die being them you have to kill them again to do it again. though this is just a suggestion.

  3. Guest-8653667485 says:

    Hey I have an idea for a varan the unbelievable addon

  4. Troncosoomar says:

    Can you add in battra and battra larva?

  5. Guest-9635218928 says:

    Blamed a guy as a addons stealler just because of pic and a video hahahahahahaha
    This problem has solved
    It is unbelievable that you haven’t apologized yet.
    I think you are poor educated XD
    MR.Fish is right you are just a brainless people lol

  6. Guest-9635218928 says:

    Blamed a guy as a addons stealler just because of pic and a video hahahahahahaha
    This problem has solved
    It is unbelievable that you haven’t apologized yet.
    I think you are poor educated XD

  7. Guest-6516345301 says:

    please add zilla jr

  8. Guest-1843939724 says:

    Please add a t-rex or a dinosaur

  9. Guest-4446244525 says:

    Pls update this

  10. Guest-5537325901 says:

    Divide all the health by 100. Also fix the attacks, they don’t always work. This could also be the insane amount of health so I can’t even see the damage. If you want realistic health, divide the health by 100 to get something more reasonable. Great otherwise

  11. Guest-2083720233 says:

    how do you spawn them?

  12. Guest-5423821546 says:

    Awesome. Can I use it for a youtube vid tho? Please.

  13. Guest-6433883685 says:

    It’s good but the sizes are inconsistent, Godzilla is 50 blocks (meters) in the game but he is 120 meters (blocks) make sizes consistent plz

    • Guest-5920364773 says:

      Well if we are going to get into that the clouds are 128 blocks high. And godzilla in the movie did not seem to be 8 meters below cloud. Minecraft scales are different from real life. Every adults are 2 meters tall. Steve can hold 64 1m x 1m iron blocks with one hand. Let’s not get too realistic.

  14. Guest-1850895748 says:

    im a bit sad because it keeps saying unable to open file.. and im too dumb to fix it or is it even fixable i just want to get this addon and it looks great

  15. Guest-8533533586 says:

    Can you make also “Ultimate Unicorn Add-on” a java mod but it is for mcpe so go ahead with LegitDragonB0y. make sure it is tameable and wild (the unicorns will attack players) and make also “MineLP” (4D pony skin pack) from java mod but it is also for mcpe 1.14/1.15/1.16 and also a pony mobs. make sure also it is tameable(you can train your horse) and wild (horses will kill players with particles) So i love the addon

  16. Guest-8110476444 says:

    Is it just me or am I getting the “file unable to open” error?

  17. Guest-5880857649 says:

    Oh yeah I know why they fight!!!!

  18. Guest-8887143361 says:

    Why Larva attacks good and bad Kaiju’s!!!

  19. Guest-3133866577 says:

    Xingmeng chuangxiang Godzilla add-on is Amazing Animation,model

  20. psycho boy65337 says:

    Nice addon anyway i love messing around with godzilla dodging his attack while flying with elytra i feel like he’s getting irritated XD
    Because im flying like a pest insect XD

  21. Guest-8500443332 says:

    Addon anak bangsa?

  22. Guest-3486263307 says:

    What font do you use for the thumbnail?

  23. Guest-4292186574 says:

    He’s probably using a Fire Godzilla design from the Godzilla Legacy Mod made by LegitDragonboy

  24. Guest-6972415796 says:

    Really? Why this?

  25. Guest-3043983879 says:

    Why godzilla is fighting to mothra?

  26. SteveMaple228 says:

    Can you add the ORCA as a taming item, so we can tame any titan.

    Except : Ghidorah and Godzilla

    And also can you please make Mothra and Godzilla won’t attack each other and the larva too? Mothra scare the heck out of me. can you please make her be only friends with godzilla, larva, players and villagers?

  27. Guest-6679619024 says:

    Behemoths Eyes Are Weird In The Front, Can You Put Them To The Side?

  28. Guest-9889815109 says:

    You stole fire Godzilla and Godzilla model from xdistant

  29. Guest-7773639577 says:

    Where’s Kong?

  30. Guest-2977653739 says:

    Can we plz have some fixed health bares cause it would be better to actually fight it or at least add weapons to fight them cause this addon doesn’t look worth it at all and please tell me they spawn on their own im making a modpack and i found this interesting but now its not

  31. RexGaming says:

    Plss make other titans dont attack each other like godzilla mothra doesnt attack each other and they attack rodan and ghidorah thx

  32. Ahem ahem… You remodeled the methuselah model by me ahem ahem… you dod not follow rules. You did not even credit me a bit. Rude

  33. DynamiteMaruyama says:

    The quality of the mobs is outstanding for Bedrock Edition, but I have a complaint: How come armor and weapons are not included with bosses that have a ridiculous amount of health for Minecraft? Maybe you should add weapons and armor that are themed around Kaiju and does a steady amount of damage that can stand a chance against these Kaijus. For now I only resort to overpowered swords from other mods, but please, add the swords and armor! It would make my experience with this add-on much much better.

    • DynamiteMaruyama says:

      To add onto this comment: I have a few ideas for armor and weapons:

      THE RODAN SET: (Made specifically for fighting Rodan)
      RODAN’S CREST (Helmet)
      +650 Defense Points (Rodan does alot of damage, after all)
      Fire Resistance IV
      +25 Health
      +1250 Defense Points
      Fire Resistance IV
      +50 Health
      +725 Defense Points
      + 75 Health
      Fire Resistance IV
      +225 Defense Points
      + 45 Health
      Fire Resistance IV

      A weapon that resembles Rodan’s wings, but a double-edged sword.
      75,000 damage, 85,000 on critical hit.

      That’s my idea for Rodan’s set. I’m open to criticism from others and maybe additions to my idea of armor sets for each boss.

  34. Guest-5088854649 says:

    Creador es normal que el creeper sea grande

  35. RexGaming says:

    Make Methuselah greenish

  36. Wufflesvn says:

    Cool addon

  37. Guest-2944603622 says:

    Nice, make heisei era addon with mobs like
    Godzilla (with burning)
    mothra (with larva)
    King ghidorah

  38. Guest-3277767149 says:

    Por favor irmão,sei que vai dar bastante trabalho,mas tem como vc recriar o famoso THE TITANS MOD,so que para o minecraft bedrock???

  39. Guest-5568687944 says:

    Not bad. Make sure this add-on has more to improve. The model is good, animation, and sound. Hope soon it gets better

  40. Guest-2975639492 says:

    Tengo una idea por no se juntan legitDragonb0y y RaftAR32
    RaftAR32 de Godzilla y
    LegitDragonb0y de todos los Titanes de Kong

  41. Guest-2208683387 says:

    This addon is great, models are nice, sound is perfect, and animation is good. for now I have not found a bug, everything is perfect

  42. Guest-4509640660 says:

    Pretty cool 😎 addon but they don’t fight but still like the addon.

  43. Guest-1755070495 says:

    Is the 2cond favorite of godzilla but the eyes and the animation best add shin godzilla zilla destroyah mechagodzilla and manda

  44. Guest-2627528396 says:

    do the kaiju spawn naturally?

  45. RafatAR32_ says:

    LegitDragonb0y the problem of the add-on from your game because the add-on working for all watch this video the add-on still working ( )

  46. Guest-6065574645 says:

    For the iPad it says failed to import zip type. Any ideas on how to fix.

  47. Guest-8199296329 says:

    Good mod i love it

  48. Guest-9548607449 says:

    Hey can u fix the downald for the nether uptade concept addon. When i installed it writes me mistake can’t open this file. Pls fix this

  49. Good models!! But they don’t fight. Overall great addon!!

  50. Guest-6243034053 says:

    I dont know what should I say °-°

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