By Editor
Published on January 10, 2016 (Updated on January 10, 2016)

Godzilla Mod

It's A Mod You Need BlockLauncher because it's a script or mod ok?
How do i get this mod to work?
Also how do I do this on pe on apple ipad
This is late but some addons are for android Only
So how do I go in this mod in Minecraft PE?
I also had that problem please help
Can anyone explain how to get this mod to work on MCPE iPad? I dropped all the files into the resource_packs and it doesn't come up in the settings on the game. Most Resource Packs have .json files, etc. this Godzilla mod just has .js files. Any advice?
Can you make it an add on
Editor how can you make addons just saying I wanna make a Godzilla add on for those IOS people?
Does this work on iOS?
Haven't tried it yet but looks cool!
the spawn eggs doesnt show in creative. im using the 0.14 now.
Does this work 0.14
It should, yeah.
It Looks Good, You just need to Update The Characters A Little Bit