GoKarts Addon 1.0

“GoKarts Addon” will add GoKarts to minecraft which you can ride. There are a total of 16 colors to choose gokart. 

Also, gokart has cool sounds and animations that make them more alive.

Now you and your friends can race! (using this addon)!! 

How to use it?

1.Spawn the Gokart

2.Refuel the GoKart 

3.Sit on Gokart

4.Click on “open” 

5.Insert key in slot

Done! 😀

But if you want to build a Gokart from scratch, then the crafting recipes are below.

(Detailed instructions for crafting) 

Step 1. 

Spawn the vehicle crafting table:

2 ways:

Step 2.

Craft the engine crafting components  in the crafting table:

1.spark plug


Next step:

1.Craft engine base

4.Craft exhaust pipes

Next step:

1.Combine the engine base and exhaust pipes in the vehicle crafting table.


Step 3.

1.Craft the panel and rulewheel in the crafting table.



Next step:

1.Combine the rulewheel and panel in the vehicle crafting table.


Step 4.

1.Use 16 iron ingots and 1 iron block to craft the base of a gokart.

2.Use 10 iron ingots and base gokart to craft the reinforced base gokart.

3.Connect engine to reinforced base gokart

4.Connect panel with rulewheel to reinforced base gokart

5.Connect  4 wheels to reinforced base gokart to craft undyed base of gokart

6.Color the undyed base the color of you want



1.Craft a bucket of fuel

2.Craft the fuel canister

3.Refuel the gocard.

4.Craft the plastic and key


5.Start the gokart


And insert key

The wound gocard looks like this:


Extra craft:

Well, if you want to place cones on the map, you can craft a cone!

(Look Below) 

1.Craft the cone




That’s all for now, but more stuff for the addon will be added soon.

Attention! You can download files only through the link “adfly”.

Changelog View more

1.At the request of mcpedl, the description of addon has been corrected.

Sorry, but that's all for now ..


1.Download the addon in mcpack format

2.import to minecraft

3. In the world settings select:

Resource packs / downloaded addon / "+";

Behavior packs / downloaded addon / "+".

4. "Use experemental gameplay" must be enabled in the world settings !!!

5.Restart minecraft

6.Have a nice game  ;) 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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39 Responses

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  1. Hi! This addon is cool. It wasn’t working for the least new version of MCPE, but now it works in my new version! Thanks ?

  2. LifeInBlocks says:

    Hello, very cool and nice work. Impressive.
    I have 1 complaint, and that it seems there is a shader attached to this mod and it crashes MCPE for anyone I have joining.
    Is there any way to please just have the go karts without a shader?
    Thank you

  3. GamerGirl09 says:

    Hey just me again GirlSmoothies43 with a different name.Discard The Thicker Wheels And Smoke Effect Ideas.This Will Give You Less Time To Work,If You did already it’s fine.Discard The Smaller was my Minecraft last time.updated it didn’t hit it accidentally agian

  4. BloxurloGamer says:

    bro jajaja , un problema podrias jajaja espera ya te estoy dejando mucha tarea jaja, este puedes actualizar este addon para realms porfa por que en verdad quiero estos carros en mi realm y por cierto trata de hacer lo mismo con el muebles modernos y el vehicles mod ok ? (OSEA hacerlos compatibles con realms).

  5. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    By The Way I hope you add our suggestions!Thanks Dude!Also Please Make Iron Ingots Repair/Heal Damaged Karts

  6. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    Whoops!I Forgot.After Crafting The Wheel.Put The Wheel On The Middle And Borders Black Dye At Crafting Table.Forgot Hehehe Its A New Crafting.Sorry For Spamming On Your Response Section.XD Love This Addon!

  7. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    About The Rubber.uses education edition.rubber is latex.1 Iron ingot in middle and borders latex at crafting table(New Recipe)And the users need These 2 Blocks /setblock Element Constructor And Compound Creator.And The Latex Chemical Formula C5H8 (5 Carbon Blocks 8 Hydrogen Blocks) At Compound Creator.For Creating Elements,Users Need Element Constructor,Carbon-All 6 Neuron,Electron,Proton And Hydrogen-All 1 Neuron,Electron,Proton.(All Chemistry features available at education edition)

  8. BloxurloGamer says:

    bueno bro , ya que no tienes red social , te digo la cosa importante ……. este conoces el mod vehicles mod (el que agrega UN SILLON HELICOPTERO) pues si lo conoces podrias hacerlo un addon para que todos lo disfrutemos , que tengan las maquinas de gasolina,los coches en las cajas ,las herramientas ,las formas de craftearlos, anda amigo se que seria muy duro que te juro que valdria total mente la pena imaginate con ese addon serias popular creo que igual como el SECURITYBECRAFT bueno espero tu respuesta y espero que no sea no por que ya se lo pedi alos que isieron el ADVANCED FARMING y no mas no jajaja bueno espero respuesta MUCHO TEXTO.

    • FLARXXS says:

      Hmm, okay, I’m currently working on two addons and – on updating this, and on the new “fancy Furniture” (the addon will also have cars)! By the way, thanks for your idea.

    • FLARXXS says:

      Hmm, está bien, actualmente estoy trabajando en dos complementos y, en la actualización de esto, y en el nuevo “Muebles de lujo” (¡el complemento también tendrá autos)! Por cierto, gracias por tu idea.

  9. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    And Hey Dude!I might know the answer for the wheel crafting recipe!Rubber,Steel And Optional(Gas Pumper new item).Just wanna help ?

  10. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    Hello!I love this Addon.But I have suggestions that make it better.1:Capitalized Start Letters Of Items.2:Smoke Effect.3:Bigger Wheels And Thicker Rubber.4:Smaller Hitbox,Because When I’m driving I accidentally hit it.5:Gas And Brake Pedals With Animations.By the way thank you for the Addon!Please Add These! ?

  11. Dalay995 says:

    me encanto!! podrias hacer ahora uno de un carro jeep o un avion??

  12. BloxurloGamer says:

    oye hermano ,tienes una red social como twitter para poder hablar,debo decirte varias cosas inportantes si las tienes me pasas tu nombre plz es muy importante o eso creo (cualquier red social que tengas los mas rapido posible plz y grasias).

  13. Emil1o says:

    Hi broo, everything works fine but I think you forgot to put the recipe for the work table (of the complement) and the wheels
    Use translator
    Excellent addons ?

  14. Joesph858 says:

    looks amazing, i might just stick to spawning in the vehicle though, it is super duper expensive XDDD

  15. PedroUnk says:

    your addons are so amazing! all crafftins are well made, the model of the karts are very beautiful I really liked it and I hope that in future updates it will fix simple problems and And that this makes it possible to play with him fully in survival.

    Bugs: I can’t trade !, When I click to make the exchange the items disappear from the inventory and then come back (I use mcpe)

    And, how does the wheel?

  16. Darkstoneage84 says:

    Think he means the fat at the back on the back

  17. BloxurloGamer says:

    hermano wow…. cuando vi la imagen del addon dije na es un carro simple , pero cuando vi los diseños ,los colores y los crafteos¡¡¡ me quede todo loco y me dije como este addon no cuesta dinero instalarlo? bueno eso no inporta lo que inporta esque sigas haciendo addons asi y los vayas mejorando enserio hermano tienes un don y un futuro verdaderamente brillante sigue asi un saludo.

  18. Fly4blunt says:

    Is that a Nazi Symbole?

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