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Hello! My name is UsingGold and I like using gold. Because of this I decided to several new uses for gold. This addon two new armor sets as well as two pickaxes and axes. It also adds four new swords Each has its own unique crafting recipes. For those who don't know, different sets of items have different enchant levels, this basically means some weapons are more likely to get good enchants than others. Gold has the highest enchant level. Because of this each armor set in this addon has the same enchant level as gold.

Kings Ingot

Has a sword, axe, pickaxe, and armor set

All items in this set have the same enchant levels and speeds as gold

Kings Helmet

220 durability and 2 defense

Kings Chestplate

265 durability and 6 defense 

Kings Leggings

250 durability and 5 defense

Kings Boots

220 durability and 2 defense

Full armor texture

Kings Sword

175 durability and 6 attack damage

Kings Pickaxe

175 durability and 4 damage

Kings Axe

175 durability and 6 attack damage

Kings Apple

Similar to the golden apple but its better

Golden Diamond

Can craft a sword, pickaxe, axe, and armor set

All items in this set have the same enchant levels and speeds as gold

Crafts into 3 Golden Diamonds

Golden Diamond Helmet

1500 durability and 5 defense

Golden Diamond Chestplate

1500 durability and 10 defense

Golden Diamond Leggings

1500 durability and 8 defense

Golden Diamond Boots

1500 durability and 5 protection

Full set texture

Golden Diamond Sword

3000 durability and 10 attack damage

Golden Diamond Pickaxe

2500 durability and 6 attack damage

Golden Diamond Axe

2300 durability and 8 attack damage

Golden Stick

Crafting material

Crafts into 2

Netherrack ingot

Crafting material

Solidified Quartz

Crafting material

Netherrack Sword

400 durability and 7 damage

Quartz Sword

550 durability and 7 attack damage

Higher enchant level than the Netherrack Sword

One more thing, I know you all probably read this a lot but this is only my third addon so please, if there are any bugs don't spam hate comments just put what the problem was and I will fix it as soon as possible.

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