Golem World PE Mod (Android)

This mod adds 56 new golems to the world in Minecraft. They are quite similar wolves in that sense that they will always try to protect you against possible threats which you might come across on your journeys in Minecraft. They are strong creatures which show no mercy to evil monsters. Summoning one of the new golems work similar to spawning an iron golem, but by using different blocks for the structure.

Creators: wartave (Twitter Account), RedstoneGunMade (Twitter Account)
Updated: 29 December, 2017

How do I spawn the golems?

There are two ways to spawn the golems. Either you can use the Not Enough Items mod to get the spawn eggs to your inventory or you can build the structures as seen further down to summon them.

Building the Structures

There are thirteen different types of golems and as a result thirteen different structures you can build to summon them. The types include: redstone, diamond, obsidian, TNT, iron, dirt, emerald, gold, lapis lazuli, stone, ice, sand and glass.


Summoning a Golem

The item you will need to spawn a golem is a Paper of Awakening. Tap on the pumpkin head of the golem structure with the item and the golem will appear in front of your eyes.


The mob is quite similar to wolves. They are friendly to you and will help you out attacking any type of mob which want you any harm.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

The ID numbers might be outdated. Will provide new IDs if they are provided by the creator.

  • Paper of Awakening (519) – 4 redstones + 4 glowstone dust + 1 paper
  • Redstone Golem (egg) (520)
  • Diamond Golem (521)
  • Obsidian Golem (522)
  • TNT Golem (523)
  • Iron Golem (524)
  • Earth Golem (525)
  • Emerald Golem (526)
  • Gold Golem (527)
  • Lapis Golem (528)
  • Stone Golem (529)
  • Ice Golem (530)
  • Sand Golem (531)
  • Glass Golem (532)
  • Red Mushroom Golem
  • Brown Mushroom Golem
  • Prismarine Golem
  • Lantern Golem
  • End Golem
  • Slime Golem
  • Golem Wood (all types)
  • Wool Golem (14 colors)
  • Terracotta Golem (all types)


Requires: Latest BlockLauncher beta!


Important: Requires BlockLauncher 1.17.8 (or a more recent version).

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71 Responses

4.2 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot find this for windows 10

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is bedrock golem

  3. TheIceKing2906 says:

    .modpkg is no longer supported in blocklauncher.

  4. Norbert Mizzi says:

    Is amazing and cool and I gonna cheat

  5. waylin says:

    Is amazing and cool 😀😀😀

  6. Norbert Mizzi says:

    That is fantastic and amazing and cool

  7. Anonymous says:

    Any chance you will make it for iOS

  8. Silas says:

    Every time I try to hit the golem with a paper of awakenimg it doesn’t do anything plz help

  9. wahyu says:

    sir, this mod not working at mcpe,

  10. Shaima alwalid says:

    It’s the best best mod

  11. Jau says:

    Not working for me.

  12. Auxen says:

    This Addon Is Amazing
    There Was Different type of Golem

  13. Anonymous says:

    So do it or face my upset face AND THIS IS MY UPSET FACE

    ° °

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey editor you listen here I wanted those golems for 4 months and unless you make a mod In MCPE addons RIGHT NOW your toast you hear me or at least team me WHY THE PAPER OF AWAKENING IS NOT CRAFTING

  15. Anonymous says:

    How do you download it on iOS?

  16. Hey says:

    The first time its work good but the next time the game crash can you fix it

  17. lleyton weaver says:

    Is the Nether Golem Stronger when you put fire on its shoulders…… I was just wandering because for the image it has fire on its shoulders but you can create the golem without fire on its shoulders

  18. BigMan says:

    Not trying to spam you guys sorry if you thought.

  19. Ahlixemus says:

    Nice! Great mod. This is like one of the most popular mods on PC and you brought to PE! Nice work! Could be cool if you could bring railcraft to PE. Would really like to see some of that, railcraft is one of my favorite mods. Could be awesome if you could code it.

  20. Albert Eintstien says:

    Not a good mod. My golems do not load in

  21. JimHu says:

    Will this work on Windows 10 edition

  22. Anonymous says:

    After I downloaded the file what do i do? Extract it?

  23. Arjay says:

    Minecraft said that file cannot found i think its
    Broken pls fix it

  24. Anonymous says:

    Well it doesn’t work like all the mod so try I wil just stop trying?

  25. Not important says:

    When will you come out for mods on iOS because me getting very angry

  26. Not important says:

    Is it supposed to open in google drive becuase it does for me how Fix because I really want this mod

  27. AxelX says:

    Does it work when other mods are enabled?

  28. pranav says:

    does it work on windows 10

  29. Goku says:

    Editor can u tell me how to download block launcher for Android

  30. Soneal says:

    This mini quiz is so easy.

  31. Dark says:

    Can anyone tell me what song that is in then video?

  32. Anonymous says:

    DO they attack you if you attack them in surival

  33. Anonymous says:

    Do this work un mcpe

  34. KcFok says:

    How to download it in IOS?

  35. TheGolokers says:

    Can we craft the paper of awakening in Minecraft PC?

  36. Clyddeeo says:

    Do you have a mediafire link to download this mode please help i m having problems downloading this mod it always keeps saying server maintenance

  37. Notch's cousin says:

    I can’t find the mod anywhere and I’m playing 10.something

  38. Jose says:

    How do u do it I downloaded the not enough things and I don’t know what to do plz help

    • Editor says:

      When you have downloaded it use a file manager app (find one on Google Play, e.g. ES File Explorer) and start that app. Then find the folder called “Download” and find the Too Many Items .apk file and tap on in once to start the installation. Start BlockLauncher and then it should be enabled.

  39. Sonny says:

    Make a dragon golem with 5 ender eggs and one pumpkin

  40. Kyle says:

    I LOVE UR MODS!!!!!

  41. NICKINFACE says:

    For everyone wondering why the golems are black it’s because you need internet connection to load in their unique textures according to the editors. They also need the plain mine craft textures (I.e those from a rooted device or from another mod’s texture pack) and not those from the slick craft texture pack that is set by default. The reason is they’re textures are loaded directly off of the blocks they’re made of, so whatever your iron looks likes, the iron golem will look very similar. Slick craft lack most of the blocks’ texture files and therefore the golems cannot properly load a texture from them.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks NICKINFACE for your thorough answers. I tested this mod on 0.11.0 on an Android device, a Nexus 9 to be specific.

      As you describe, the mod makes use of the default textures in Minecraft Pocket Edition for the golems textures.

      • NICKINFACE says:

        Anytime, I love this website, I’ve been using it for a year, and this is honestly one of the most compatible mods out there due to it’s lack of item ids and yet the golems make it amazing. Hey I know this is of topic but could you tell me how to post a seed? I’ve found a seed that has 6 surface mine shafts in one biome and I really want to write up a post.

  42. Aylaris Morel says:

    How do you install the mod for IOS ?

  43. Kusseye says:

    Where the textures?
    This mod need texture

  44. Kusseye says:

    My golem is black please fix it

  45. Constan says:

    Golems are cool.

  46. A human says:

    do this work on mcpe 0.11.x?

  47. yanuar says:

    I has been download this mod and i try it. but why the golem i black? can you help me?

  48. Kalan Richardson says:

    How do you install the mod?

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