GolemsPLUS Addon

GolemsPLUS addon mods in new types of golems that you can upgrade from the standard iron golem. There is even a boss for you to encounter which can be difficult at times!

There are lots of new golems so let’s go over some of the new golems types you may want to get! First off, here are all of the new golems types in one location!

The wood golems all share the same traits but when struck by lightning they change into a charred wooden golem!

Next up we have 3 special ones, to begin we have the overgrown golem which is the same as the iron golem but just looks cooler! Then we have the rusty golem which is what happens when the iron golem is struck by lightning. For the last one we have the slime golem which comes in 3 sizes if using spawn egg plus he loves to jump around!

For the last set of golems we have the Lapis, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald Golems which the order is from weakest to strongest!

Time for the boss, the Wither Golem Boss is a very tough foe! He has the same attacks & drops as the Wither Boss but can summon Wither Skeletons and Wither Golem Heads which are a new mob type as well!

The 1.0.2 updates brings 6 more NEW golem types along with some cool special abilities that come with them! To gain these golems you need the new upgrades which are crafted like shown in the picture below:

I also introduced a spawn egg for the Iron Golem can ONLY be crafted! To craft it, imagine making an iron golem but in a crafting table!


  • Rusty Golem

  • 50 HP
  • Iron Golem hit by lightning
  • Range Min – 3.5 AP
  • Range Max – 10.5 AP

  • Overgrown Golem

  • A golem of nature
  • Same as an Iron Golem

  • All Wood Golems

  • 25 HP
  • Range Min – 4 AP
  • Range Max – 15 AP
  • Becomes chared when hit by lightning

  • Gold Golem

  • 35 HP 
  • Range Min -4 AP
  • Range Max – 16 AP

  • Emerald Golem

  • 200 HP 
  • Range Min – 16 AP
  • Range Max – 28 AP

  • Diamond Golem

  • 150 HP
  • Range Min – 13 AP
  • Range Max – 26 AP

  • Slime Golem

  • 16 HP
  • 6 AP
  • Hops Around

  • Wither Golem

  • 400HP
  • Summons Wither Skeletons
  • Summons Wither Golem Heads
  • Same attacks as the Wither Boss

  • Wither Golem Head

  • 14 HP
  • 3 AP
  • Gives the “Wither” effect for “0.5” seconds

  • Frozen Golem

  • 100 HP
  • Range Min – 6 AP
  • Range Max – 14 AP
  • Gives Slowness

  • Mushroom Golem

  • 100 HP
  • Range Min – 4 AP
  • Range Max – 15 AP
  • Gives Regen (Doesn’t effect undead)

  • Sandy Golem

  • 100 HP
  • Range Min – 4 AP
  • Range Max – 12 AP
  • Gives Blindness

  • Nether Golem

  • 25 HP
  • Range Min – 4 AP
  • Range Max – 10 AP
  • Walks Fire

  • Ender Golem

  • 65 HP
  • Range Min – 4 AP
  • Range Max – 14 AP
  • Teleports Randomly

  • Obsidian Golem

  • 50 HP
  • Range Min – 6 AP
  • Range Max – 15 AP

If you want to learn on how to get these new golems types including the recipes, check out my videos on the GolemsPLUS addon!

Changelog View more
  • Fixed the download link as the pack wasn't installing properly
  • Fixed some problems with crafting some of the golem upgrades
  • Updated for the 1.13 Update!
  • Added an Iron Golem Spawn Egg
  • Added Frozen Golem
  • Added Mushroom Golem
  • Added Sandy Golem
  • Added Nether Golem
  • Added Ender Golem
  • Added Obsidian Golem
  • Fixed mobile app GolemsPLUS download link as there were problems.


Once file is download, open it with Minecraft and make sure that you have "EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY" turned on in order for it to work!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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46 Responses

3.59 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. Guest-9716981569 says:

    Hey Bro do you think you can make it compatible with 1.16 please that would be a good thing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t make a iOS download link if it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for iOS.

  3. Dawson j says:

    Could you ples add a new golems like stone,brick,lava,big golem,undead,endstone,stone brick,a few wool golems, skeleton,mutant golem. If you cant add some of these then add the ones that you are able to add. Also great add on. Very uesfull for my zombie survival game.

  4. Zakacraft says:

    How I spawn teleport golem ??

  5. IDeltaEliteI says:

    Doo you know what would bve cool if these golems spawn natural in biomioms like: Oak golem in oak tree biom,frozen golem icy and snowy biomoms,nether golems spawn in nether, and add the snow golem that throws ice blocks so that it has ranbe attack.

  6. Crafterman says:

    This add-on supported version?

  7. Dawson j says:

    If i cant open the files from file explorer then i know i cant add it and i try to but it wont work. Pless fix this right away i dont want to wait for a week or a month untill this gets fix. Im on bedrock beta & this shouldent take a long time to fix unless your testing it. If u have not made a video on how to download this ON XBOX 1 BETA version then pless do that unless you dont have a xbox 1. I will give u a 5 stars because u worked hard on this addon. But you will get 1 star if you dont have this fix within 2 days or maybe 3 days.

    • Dawson says:

      II made 2 new folders BP and RP then i put everything from zip files to the BP and RP. I Only put the stuff from the file to to the right file like stuff from resource pack goes to RP and stuff from Behavior pack goes to BP. If you xbox players have promblems then this will work for add ons i think so as long as do it right then it should work.

  8. Alex says:

    My ipad literally exploded in real life once i put a spawn egg in my inventory and the spawn eggs where invisible plz fix it. P. S this is my new ipad after the other one exploded.

  9. Balrog says:

    hey I have a problem spawning eggs do not appear are invisible in the creative inventory and when I want to grab an egg to spruce it crashes the game

  10. Xadiac says:

    I cant spawn the mob, the egg has no texture.
    When i try to spawn it, it crashes my game

  11. YEeT says:

    I downloaded it and it worked well, the creator has fixed the problem.

  12. GolemC says:

    Hey there i want to make a few suggestions for this addon. Can you add obsidian and Dirt golems Because i have another pack that includes obsidian and dirt golems but they don’t have an attack animations. So if your reading this try out my suggestions. Thanks

  13. Golemlover says:

    The add-on keeps crashing my game and the spawn eggs are invisible oh and also the golems texture is glitched with the colors of black and purple

  14. Sonic says:

    When download it only the behavior pack was import and when i import the ressource Minecraft says “Duplicate pack detected”

  15. Skeleton vanguard says:

    Thx for fixing.

  16. EnderGamingYT says:

    Pls fix the add-on the texture of spawn egg was invisible.Items was invisible and golems texture was color violet and black.

  17. E says:

    Resource won’t download

  18. Tyler says:

    A few questions, are any mobs replaced, can you craft the wither golem upgrade, and what does the wither golem drop

  19. Panda says:

    I can’t get the resource pack because it says duplicate detected but I don’t have it please fix

  20. Sean Bjorge says:

    I can’t download it onto mc iOS

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can’t get the texture pack at all

  22. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    good complement, but I could add that the attacks of the oxidized iron golem get the effect of the target (it is logical since as the golem withers, also what attacks it withers)

  23. Ccaptain says:

    Can not get resource pack for some reason.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hello I tried it with experimental mode and it doesn’t work can you fix it

  25. Anonymous says:

    It’s says that the behavior pack downloads but not the texture pack and I was wondering do you need the texture pack to use the add on

  26. Skeleton vanguard says:

    Will not work.

  27. Extrañó says:


  28. Extrañó says:


  29. Landerboss says:

    Can you Create a quiet place monster addon where its a monster that attacks anything it hears like from a quiet place the horror movie and give it lots and lots of aggro range and it doesnt despawn thx and make sure it can hear you for miles and runs 60 km per hour PLzzz

    • Harrythemagician13 says:

      Seriously Again!? Are You Gonna Spam This On Every Addon that You Found!? Also Be Sure Don’t Annoy Every Addon Creator With this Quiet Place Monster thing suggestion thing going on

  30. Anonymous says:

    Why the link doesn’t work
    I clicked the button install and doesn’t work

  31. Golem fan says:

    I can’t download resource pack it says duplicate pack detected

  32. IdeaGiverOfMCPEDL says:

    Idea Time!
    Can you make some custom and new variations of golems? Like maybe the golems from Minecraft Story Mode? Or maybe just make an original one on your own? I’m waiting to see your reply!!

  33. TerrorizerE says:

    I have an a idea to make them in survival make a statue of how u make a iron golem but with diff blocks example diamond golem four blocks of diamond and a pumkin then the blocks disappears and summons the diamond golem

  34. TheLucky0ne says:

    Why backup?

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