Good Start & Big Stronghold Within 520 Blocks (Seed)

This seed has small village, ruined portal and skeleton spawner at the spawn. If you go about 520 blocks, you can find abandoned village with big stronghold. In nether you will find bastion nearby if you built portal at the spawn.


You will spawn here

In the village you can find some good loot

Ruined portal at the spawn

Skeleton spawner (695 43 50)

Desert Temple

Abandoned village with Pillager Outpost

Coordinates of abandoned village: 600 ~ 490

Mineshaft near stronghold. (590 ? 370)

Stronghold is in the village, try to dig here:

Stronghold is very big I haven’t explored all rooms, but I found the most important:

Portal room: 666 16 500

First library: 580 24 505

Second one: 615 14 495

Spawner: 600 18 480


From this coordinates you will see Bastion: 100 ~ -70

Fortress is quite far from Bastion: 490 70 -300


Ocean Monument within 1000 blocks:

-360 60 680

Second Desert Temple (near Stronghold):

585 70 725

I hope you will like playing on this seed, have fun!

Changelog View more
  1. Added coordinates of Ocean Monument
  2. Added coordinates of the second desert temple
  3. Removed screenshot that was copy of another pne.

What is new?

  1. Added coordinates of skeleton spawner near ruined portal.
  2. Added coordinates of mineshaft which is near to stronghold.

Added coordinates of spawner, better title, added coordinates of desert temple.

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  1. TochPEDL says:

    I can see why that abandoned village is abandoned because of the pillagers they probaly built there base there after concurring that village.

  2. Spyguy10078 says:


  3. Jennia LoL says:

    Good! I haven’t played on it YET, but I will!

  4. Dog Gamer says:

    Nice seed we played it with my friends and we did great
    We defeated the Dragon
    Pretty good

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