A Good Survival House [Creation]

This is a medieval themed house for people who want to start a new survival adventure or just want to admire my beautiful building skills. Just kidding, I dont know anyone who has ever done that. xD

This house is suitable for anyone who want to start a new survival adventure. No cheats have been used to make this map so you can still earn achivements. The house has everything which you could possibly need such as lots of storage space, a bed for sleeping and even a portal to the Nether. If you like medieval styled architecture then you’ll love it!

Creator: Jake Mccarroll

For The Best Experience I Suggest Downloading GENGHAR15’s UltraMax Shader And Also John Smith Legacy

Changelog View more

Added Basement

Fixed Spawn Bug

Fixed Nether Portal Spawning

Added Enchantment Room

2 Easter Eggs Go Find Them

New Easter Egg

Basment Bunk Bed Fixed

Removed Adf.ly Due To Requests


Achivements Can Be Finally Earned

Added Zip File

Added John Smith Legacy In Suggestet Rescorce Pack Due To Request


Fixed Post Test

Fixed Build Issue

Fixed Zombie Spawning In House


Supported Minecraft versions


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85 Responses

4.45 / 5 (41 vote)
  1. Acridwall100763 says:

    I cannot find the zip, and the mc.world link takes me to an error message site. Please fix it, You look like an amazing builder!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the link is down can you fix it?

  3. DemonicTahres says:

    Can you make a Toturial how to build so beautiful like you 😀 (In a Video maybe?)

    I dont want building like a noob anymore sooo pls help me Sensei xD

  4. Hey Just Uploaded A New Update, Should Be Here In 24-48 Hours I Fixed The MCWorld btw

  5. Kai says:

    Erm…… I cannot download it. It says “import failed” but I did download the world before u added the basement and it was cool

  6. Ukown says:

    When i tried downloadin the map it said “import failed” but i like the house!

  7. Yuko Thorn Star says:

    I tried both the zip and mcworld but they both say level import failed. Looks like a cool house tho!

  8. Lavamob101 says:

    Can you update it so it can run on 1.11 and 1.12 please

  9. gio1135 says:

    “No cheats have been used for building this house”

    *is in creative mode with cheats enabled*

  10. Brooklynn says:

    I can’t download the world and idk who to do the zip file

  11. Elite boss says:

    It takes me to adfly that web site is a scam

  12. Isabelle Cooper says:

    I can’t seem to download it it says it’s importing and then I look and nothing

  13. Ryan says:

    On my iPhone it won’t show the world as an option to even load up plz help

  14. ShadowCake says:

    Hi I’m shadowcake, I’ve returned, I liked how you updated my creation but please still credit me for it 😀 Jake Mccaroll

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sorry About That. This Was Built With Cheats Sorry

  16. Hi I’m The Original Creator Of This Map I Have Lost My Acc Due To Some Some Hackers Anyway I Hope This Map Stays Popular In 2019 Thanks For Reading This Goodbye


  17. Anonymous says:

    Wow just wow bro (This is awesome)

  18. Samuel says:

    Thanks for the cake

  19. It's ya boy says:

    Cool 👍

  20. Dino says:


  21. Tiny box tim says:

    Where is it located???

  22. Beef says:

    9/10 recommend!!! If you’re looking for a good starting home, this is perfect!! (And it doesn’t load u up with thousands of diamonds like most 🙂 ) the only thing that needs work-It needs a little more decoration, but otherwise, it’s amazing!!!!!

  23. Hi says:

    Amazing map!!!

  24. OverTord says:

    Greatest house for survival. Although for some reason 2 times mobs spawn

  25. Silver Phoenix says:

    Its ok my only problem is that there is only 1 bed

  26. PrinceofMC says:


  27. EveryonesKawaii2 says:

    Beautiful home! I love the map, thank you so much for taking your time and effort into making a gorgeous map.

  28. Ck says:

    The best map in the world I love it I put loads of weapons on it it’s cool!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Rayyan says:

    This reminds me of grian’s wooden house

  30. Jibble4310 says:

    I love it it is amazing 👏🙂

  31. Meiko_Taray says:

    This is a fantastic house, great work!

  32. Nick says:

    Great house! Thanks for adding so much stuff to it! Keep it up 👌

  33. BlingStealer245 says:

    Definitely a great house to start off with. It has all the essentials needed for a good survival world. I also love the location and the detail put into the extirior house. I also love the fact that it is inspired by Grians building style as a few people put above me. Great work!

  34. Tom says:

    This map is so cool I just start my own survival 😉 can you add the large map when you have time plz 😉

  35. Anonymous says:

    Great survival house

  36. Master says:

    This is an amazing nap all my friends said that it look like I do with it but I really didn’t, Thank you for making this map

  37. AgentCPU0 says:

    Not a bad place, to be completely honest. You definitely put a lot of effort into this place. Nice job.

    • Lament says:

      I like how it’s mostly inspired by Grian’s building style in minecraft, never usually see people make houses like these without them looking like giant boxes with a door in the middle.

      • Minecraft Girl Lover says:

        Lament ikr I love Grian! Pls everyone check out Grian in YouTube he is pretty cool! I love this building

      • Samuel says:

        Brian actually might not have his own style because I see all good Minecraft builds that look like something he made just because Grian is a good builder in Minecraft and the build is a good one


  38. Toran says:

    Dude I love this map

  39. Furydabyt says:

    Hey there

  40. mintzu_4lyf says:

    It’s amazing!!

  41. Tasha says:

    Hi guys

  42. Sushimcgoofy says:

    Great house!!! I love it! I was looking and I found this it is very cool!😀

  43. Polar Whale says:

    YOU BUILT THIS IN SURVIVAL!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This is awesome

  44. Paradoxz55 says:

    Really good

  45. PvPMastah says:

    Great survival house! It has all the needs for a survival world. Even though you can’t build this on the first day it looks exterior and interior.

  46. ShadowCake says:

    Thanks : )

  47. Ayush3008 A.K.A GamerOfLegends3008 says:

    Was looking for something like this for soooooo long! Gonna try it, now!

  48. WesttleCraftYT says:

    First Anyway I Like This Map!

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