google chrome: Mushroom Islands

In this seed you will spawn on quite normal island but out in the sea lays something different ready to be explored. It’s two mushroom islands which are rather small compared to how large mushroom biomes usually are. Let’s walk you through how you can get there the easiest way.

Turn to your left and assuming you have max distance render on then you will see the coast of a mushroom island further ahead out in the sea.


The island which you are stranded on doesn’t look very big from where you are standing from at the spawn. But the island is quite large in fact. Just turn and walk in the direction which allow you to journey further on to the island. After a while you will find some trees.


There’s more than enough trees to make a crafting bench which you then can use to craft a boat.


Go back to the spawn and place down the boat in the water and board the boat. You are now set to go on an adventure to explore the mushroom biome and see what secrets it might hold.

mushroom2 mushroom1

Seed: google chrome

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5 Responses

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  1. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    XDDDD These Seed Names Are Funny 😆😆😆

  2. Cutelix7Rowling says:

    Editor, you put ” you are no set to go to an adventure” don’t you mean “now”?

  3. Colin Sofen says:

    I went to the nether in the seed ‘hhh’ and didn’t spawn under a nether fortress but saw zombie pigmen.

  4. EnderHarvie says:

    Try this seed ‘hhh’ you will spawn at the front of the first village this seed contain 2 villages and 2 blacksmiths, but the better of this seed is when you go to the nether its generally spawn a huge nether fortress and so many pigman will spawn near or far from the portal spawn but the amasing fact about this village was when your mcpe 12.1 alpha build 8-13 the farmland can spawn beetroots but villager never put it back. Pls Reply Editor.

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