Gorillas Add-on

This addon replaces creepers with gorillas. The young ones are absolutely adorable and it’s hard to resist getting one as a pet. Not only do they look cute but they will also protect you once they’ve grown up. Humans are very closely related to gorillas so I suppose it’s natural we’ve got a soft spot for them.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How to tame a gorilla?

You can tame a baby gorilla by feeding it some melons. Adult gorillas will naturally protect their babies if you get too close so it’s a little bit tricky to actually tame one (unless of course you don’t mind getting a huge gorilla to chase after you).

  • iOS / Android: Hold a melon, long press on the gorilla and press tame
  • Windows 10: Right-click on a baby gorilla while holding a melon to tame it

Once tamed it will by default follow you around. A baby gorilla is harmless and will never attack anything. You can accelerate the growth progress by feeding it more melons.

As soon as the gorilla has reached an older age and become a full sized gorilla then it will protect you against hostile mobs and fight anything that you attack.

You can tame multiple gorillas and have them follow you around. However, if you ever get tired of them you can also command them to stay (sit/stand).

General Gorilla Information

  • Wild
    • Baby
      • Health: 6 hearts
      • Harmless
      • Tameable with melon
    • Adult
      • Health: 18 hearts
      • Attacks player if provoked or if a baby is nearby
      • Hostile towards monsters
      • Attack damage: 3 – 8
  • Tamed
    • Baby
      • Health: 8 hearts
      • Harmless
    • Adult
      • Health: 25 hearts
      • Attacks if provoked or if there is a baby nearby
      • Attacks monsters by default
      • Attack damage: 6 – 10
      • Protects its owner


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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  1. Mat says:

    Please update the link it does not work

  2. Dr.Jekyll says:

    I can’t even download,every time I click any of the download links it kicks me to an add site instead wtf

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey could i maybe get an actual download link instead of being sent to an add everytime i try to download

  4. WhoNeedsNames says:

    I can’t spawn it find a baby gorilla

  5. Alexa says:

    I can’t find baby gorillas anywhere. Can you breed them?

  6. AgheeraAkela says:

    I have adventure with my 5 gorillas!Sometime 2 place I go my gorilla only 3!Where other 2 gorilla?

  7. Undertale fan says:

    Gorillaz Demon Days

  8. AnimalFriend1 says:

    Hey, I made a model of this from Minecraft! Check it out here on Remix 3D:

  9. Andreas says:

    Can you make a King Kong add on with the dinosaurs!!!!

  10. April says:

    Nice. I can’t tame it and since they replace creepers they just explode and kill me.

    • AnimalFriend1 says:

      Hello, April. I am not the owner of this addon, but did you apply the behavior pack? Just apply the behavior pack and texture pack, and it should work. And are you a little kid?

  11. Bruh says:

    When my gorilla was grown, we walked around and encountered a baby gorilla, then my own gorilla attacked me.

  12. Gamer says:

    Humanz are very similar to Gorillaz

  13. Jordan says:

    Can you pls make smilodom addon? That would be great

  14. Nicole Butler says:

    We need the giraffes add on please MCPE DL

  15. Eli says:

    Gona im biggest fan can you plas make sabertooth tiger addon? Plas it would be so great its my b-day today

  16. Shel says:

    How do you give items custom/different names for addons? ie: if I wanted ‘wheat’ to be changed to ‘rice’ how would I do that on IOS? Btw your addons are awesome! Thanks!

  17. Nisinoodles says:

    Can you make a Komodo dragon addon (search it up!) and maybe an iguana too and a bearded dragon to keep as pets thanks!

  18. BuggyPig says:

    Harambe is now in mcpe gona can u make a Dank memes addons ?

  19. Cryguy44 says:

    Rest and Peace Harmabe ☹️

  20. Diebum says:

    R.i.p. Harambe

  21. BudakDinosaur says:

    Gona . Can you update you jurassicraft . Because have new update minecraft

    And can you change the Spawn

    Indominus Rex Spawn In The Witch Spawn

    T rex Spawn In the Pig Spawn . ( You Can Make 2 Skin T rex Colour . 1colour is Coklat and 2Colour Is Green )

    Raptor Spawn In The Villager/Zombie Villager Spawn ( you can make 6/12 skin for raptor like jurassic raptor squad . Raptor jurassic park iii and many-many skin

  22. PANDA says:


  23. Raptorstar_YT says:

    I love this addon! Maybe you could make a Dawn Of The Planet Of Apes addon? That would be great!

  24. BudakDinosaur says:

    Can you update the dinosaur

    Indomimus im spawn witch

  25. Gorilla says:

    What mob it replaced

  26. Spirit1 says:

    Hey I think that if you name it harambe then it will be like a shield

  27. FoxTheKidFDM816 says:


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