Grand Shine City [Creation]

Grand Shine City is a city in progress of development. Since we first posted it here on MCPE DL back in the middle of July a lot have happened. Many new buildings have been added and it has even expanded a little in size. All of the current buildings have been created with great effort to make unique, realistic and interesting creations that stand out.

The final product will likely be a smaller city but with great details to every corner of the city. Small creations in Minecraft are rarely bad because it’s mostly then the most effort is put in to make something completely new and great.

Creator: JdMC2805

grand1 grand2

As of September 2, 2015:


As of July 17, 2015:



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5 Responses

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  1. Heehee says:


  2. Tham55848 says:


  3. Waddup says:

    Hey guys every mod is stupid because it’s for android

  4. Puggergaming says:

    This looks awesome but it never loads (it won’t let me get the map:() But this map looks so Awsome so 5 star (PS it will not load for any map for me so for them
    Peeps who see this it was not the creators fault it’s my iPad)But anyway 5 stars!!!!!

  5. Gustav says:

    I love Minecraft! ?

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