Granny Map

This is a map based on the granny game by DVloper! And read the description of this map to know how to play this! Also if you play this map and upload the video anywhere make sure to credit me for making the map!

To play you have to find the keys and other things you need like boards or gasoline to escape the house. There are 2 ways to escape, the car and the front door. Oh and by the way, avoid Granny and Grandpa while escaping, you can knock them out with a bow thats hidden in the house, you will also need the bow to escape, and there are places to hide, but here are some pictures of the map!

Living Room


Starting Room

Top Floor



Changelog View more

Playable in 1.16.201

Probably some changes i forgot about to maybe

Added 2 more ways to escape, those are helicopter and boat

Granny now puts down beartraps every 60 seconds

Added more locks and keys

Removed some doors so Granny and Grandpa could get through the house easier

Added cutscene when you use up all 5 days

Added more rooms

Added more keys

Made it  a little harder to escape

Fixed the bug when on multiplayer and a different person dies your invisible when you respawn

You now die when you fall through the floor

Granny and Grandpa now hold items

You now need a key to access the weapon closet

Fixed the bug where in dark mode you can see perfectly when you get out of hiding

Changed World Picture

Fixed bug where it skips a day

Fixed weapon chest bug and added more bows and arrows


To install the map i think you can just click the file and it will download in minecraft!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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