Grappling Gun Add-on

This add-on adds a functional grappling gun to your game, it can get you to high places in seconds, you can use it to get out of ravines, get to top of mountains.

To get the grappling gun you’ll need to craft it. 

To use the grappling gun long click on your screen on mobile devices, on Windows 10 right click. 

Once you use your grappling gun you’ll get a hook and empty grappling gun back and you can then reload it.  


Prof Magz (Twitter)

RedFury545 (Twitter)

Twitter Video




Supported Minecraft versions


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51 Responses

3.29 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Guest-8409101584 says:

    Why doesn’t it work in 1.14.60

  2. Guest-1971629025 says:

    Use experimental gameplay

  3. Guest-5004097887 says:

    how do u even get it It didnt work for me

  4. Guest-8082786001 says:

    Plz make it motorized or add an enchantment the makes you not crafting it over and over again plz.

  5. Guest-1325620224 says:

    Lol 1.1.4 is s.h.i.t. version just update game kid

    • Guest-6500642467 says:

      Dude its 1.14 plus I’m guessing you just don’t know how to turn on Ex Gameplay so quit being a bully cause it works for me. Jeeze people don’t learn anything now and days

  6. TheWorldGuy says:

    Thanks for this! It is great for my survival world.

  7. Guest-8163631649 says:

    please update it so I can use it

  8. Redfoxtrystman says:

    Can you make it for Xbox? And make it reload without crafting it again?

  9. Guest-6491128152 says:

    Works, but annoying you have to craft it over and over again. The add-on was fun at first, but then it gets really boring, please stop making us craft it over and over again 😭

  10. White1986 says:

    I like 👍 it

    Y’all hated hit that like button

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like 👍

    Y’all hated hit that like button

  12. Alberto ZM46 says:

    Funciona genial aunque juego actualmente en la 1.13 y no funciona

  13. RainbowFelix says:

    doesn’t work on my phone

  14. FlaviusFire says:

    Works fine for me, but the download page is really iffy. (Just so you know, press “Block” every time it asks you, it still works.) So four stars.

  15. fuddy says:

    k works now

  16. fuddy says:

    help cant use

  17. 名無し says:

    Does not work

  18. QuizJizz says:

    Set the player to operator from the settings

  19. Anonymous says:

    Its not work but I turn on experimental gameplay so but concept is good.

  20. FlaviusFire says:

    You guys need to make sure you have experimental gameplay enabled. This one requires it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    No puedo disparar

  22. léa says:

    marche pas

  23. maroonkid says:

    it’s not working

  24. NoFear says:

    Not working im on 1.13 pls fix this i can craft it but it doesnt shoot i long press it didnt work

  25. Wit says:

    I’ve just been GRAPPLING at the physics of this thing 🙂

  26. Raivis intro says:

    Wow is sou good

  27. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    update at new beta (v1.13.0.18)

  28. Dr.Bai says:

    it doesnt work, please fix it up

  29. 名無し says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work on mobile,even i long press the screen!!!

  31. I’ve got a spider farm and skeleton farm in survival says:

    I tested it in a city map and long pressed but it doesn’t work please fix a have wanted a grappling hook adding for years this is the best (because it’s the only iOS working one lol 😝)

  32. Soup says:

    Every addon and map does not work because of the new features of padOS ruined everything now I can’t download anything

  33. Dragonerc_TC says:

    It dorsnt work i long pressed it but it still didnt work i turned on experimental gameplay it still didnt work on mobile pls fix it but the grappling hook is still cool

  34. Namrata says:

    Good addon for me. Would help in survival mode

  35. Mahmoud says:

    Not working when i right click on win10 just no thing happen

  36. Extrañó says:


  37. Blocky Gamer says:

    Does not work just crashes cool concept tho

  38. DUDE says:

    I cant shoot it.

  39. Yeeteater says:

    Do I need to be in beta?

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. Andrew says:

    Its actually great but its pretty wierd how you cant look at all

  42. lauty says:

    no me funciona mantengo apretada la pantalla y no lanza

  43. Migoo says:

    Doesnt work

  44. Frostaer says:

    Very Good Reasonable craftin requirements and is quite useful when building in survival mode

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