Grappling Hook Mod

The Grappling Hook Mod transforms the use of the fishing pole to something completely different. Instead of fishing it can be used to throw a grappling hook. It’s perfect to quickly get from one building to another in a similar fashion to Spiderman. It’s really fun to use even though it’s a really simple idea!

Creator: SHAINYTwitter Account

How to use the grappling hook?

The thing you need to use is the fishing pole. Aim in the direction which you want to go and then press the Fish button to throw the hook.


To release the hook tap on the Fish button again.


According to the Japanese source where I found this script it can be combined with the Giant Zombie Mod. This is totally optionally though.

Aim at the zombie with the fishing pole and then press Fish to throw the hook at the zombie. It really works great if you need to kill it more efficiently. Then just press Fish again to release the hook.

grappling-hook-2 grappling-hook-1


A bunch of maps have been created specifically for this mod. If more are created we will continue to add them to this list.

Demo Video

To really get an idea how this mod works check out the video down below. (Video isn’t my best quality, so please excuse the quality!)

This mod might be called something else. We don’t really know since we found it on a Japanese website. Some things just get lost in translation, not much we can do about it.


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65 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. TalkyToons says:

    Dear Editor
    I downloaded the mod but somehow it says it may harm my computer, I clicked download and I got it from mediafire but when I clicked download on mediafire it did nothing so I decided to save it into a file and I tried to install it from there but it did nothing either and that’s where I found out it may harm my computer, I clicked “whats the risk?” on the bottom of the tab and it showed multiple reasons on google showing why it may harm my computer but hopefully it may be fixed soon, thank you 😀

    please inform me when it is fixed, for now have a great day :>

  2. Nyroc9000 says:

    How do you download it?

  3. Jay Eduard says:

    Hey this could be like attack on titan!

  4. Sadness says:

    How do I download this? Plz answer cuz it doesn’t work for me

  5. Sadness says:

    I can’t download plz help me it doesn’t work

  6. Thijs says:

    How do i download this? Van anybody please tel me

  7. ;-; says:

    Someone can help me..i cant download it plss answer

  8. Aden says:

    U need to change the effect when u
    Grapple on
    To something

  9. 😑 says:

    The link don’t work😑

  10. Lizbeth says:

    Please answer

  11. Lizbeth says:

    Does this work in 1.0.7?

  12. Ruzain says:

    Can you insert this mod as an addon???

  13. Lolz says:

    Hi im wondering if you can make a bioshock infinite sky hook addon/mod cause that would be really great with the buildings im making if your busy right now maybe you could get back to me?

  14. Plasma359 says:

    Can you plz make this an mc.pack because it looks really cool but I can’t download it

  15. Plasma says:

    Can u make this a mod for IOS because I can’t download it on my iPad,
    But it looks really cool

  16. Haikal K says:

    so this download must use blocklauncher

  17. Bob says:

    How do you put it in? Into Minecraft pe, I mean.

  18. NoobyArmor says:

    Please Update This 😀

  19. Harsukhdeep says:

    I was wondering whether you could make the fishing rod into a grapple hook with the new addons. This is because I was thinking of making a hookshot addon but wasn’t sure it would be possible

  20. melanie says:

    how do you get grappling hoocks

  21. Ghost says:

    I know this mod!
    Japanese modders created it for mcpc and the original name is Hook Shot mod.
    I don’t know how you make the mod works in mcpe but I love it!

  22. Jaelin says:

    I don’t have the texture pack but I have the grappling hook can you help me get the texture pack

  23. _Muncherz_ says:

    Can I have the link for that city?

  24. LeeAm says:

    Ive tested this with my local server with my brother and we will try atak on titan but there’s a problem when he use the grappling instead the grappling released from him it release from me but he don’t ever had the grap released from him kinda bit silly cuz he can distract me in building with this mod

    Sorry for some grammars…

  25. XxRONSKIExX says:

    Since its from a Japanese Website I can say that it is inspired from the anime SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN…but, it’s just my opinion…:D

  26. Windspider says:

    It is a equipment of a movie called attack on titans. People use this thing to kill giants. So it can combine with giant zombie mod i guess. Cool movie. A bit bloody.

  27. E.Vill Hydralisk (VALKOZZ) says:

    JAEGAR!!! This reminds me of the 3D maneuver gear of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titian). And Mr.Editor…….the Vid’s Quality is great, and very ‘understanding’. As I rekt the giant zombie, it feels I am one of the Corps killing a Kyojin (Titan)…. (^-^)/

  28. keZin says:

    Can u plz give me advice cause it isn’t working for me

  29. xFlPr0z says:

    Editor, ask them to make Attack on titan!! XD this mod is great!!!!!
    Is this mod works in local?
    Mcpedl mods makes my local server a RPG style 😀

  30. MaulanaAliGamer says:

    Where is The Japanesse Forums That You Got The Mod? I Want To Look It.

  31. Bensen247 says:

    Can I make a Modded Map for this Mod? I was kinda lazy doing my first modded map. 🙂 🙂 😉

  32. JustARandomPersonOnTheWorldWideWeb says:

    Its like Attack on Titan with the giant zombies. Maybe that is the inspiration of the game.

  33. Snake Eyes says:

    How can I unzip this mod editor?

  34. BorbingoBoy says:

    What’s the site you got it from then?

  35. xxJelatinxx says:

    What map is that??

  36. Andrian539 says:

    What map did you use?
    Its very beautiful city

  37. matt says:

    Does it work in multiplayer?

  38. aK48xDxP says:

    Good night, the mod does not proceed properly, it leaves the animation of the arrow, but does not lead me to the place

  39. X Team says:

    What are u talking? The quality of the vídeo is great!

  40. LeeAm says:

    Is this mod works on local server?

    Ey u did an attack on titan xD

  41. TheFrozenZone_YT says:

    umm……. can you pls change the texture of the grappling thingy plzzz thank you for your time

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