Gravel Vein Miner Add-on (1.14!)

I have seen that people have been making a lot of tree decapitators and vein miners lately so I decided to make a vein miner for the one of the most hated things ever when mining. GRAVEL!!

Gravel vein miner is a mod the makes it really easy to break gravel in survival. To activate the addon you must crouch and break one of the gravel blocks, this will break all the other gravel blocks within a certain range.

In the picture below there is gravel blocking me from strip mining and in the second picture all of it is completely gone showing how useful my addon is while mining. You receive all of the gravel when you use the addon so you can still collect the gravel if you need it for something. You do not have to use a shovel or any specific tool for it to work so you can use anything.

If you want to download my zip file and change it to do a different block you are welcome to! You may use this addon in any videos you want but please leave a link in the description to this mcpedl link.



Please leave a link in any videos you make about this add-on!

See the pictures below.

NOTE: Money scoreboard on the right has NOTHING to do with this mod.

This annoying gravel is blocking my strip mining!

As you can see all the gravel was destroyed!

Changelog View more

What Changed

Β Updated the player.json to 1.14

Wont say "missing dependency's" any more.



This add-on probably wont be updated any more because not many people download it and there is a awesome vein miner by dakonblackrose.

Changed Links to be a better link.

Nothing else changed

Added a file for the MCPEDL app because I felt like it.

-Removed the files for sand and gravel addon. It did not work on PE for some unknown reason so I just decided to scrap it after I attempted to fix it (Only got 500 downloads so it wasn't that popular) . I also want to work on other things but I WILL continue to update the regular gravel vein miner!

-The regular gravel vein miner still works when I tested so that's fine

-Check out my Infinite Ocean addon that came out recently!


-Added a separate pack that makes the vein miner work on Gravel and Sand

-Changed Text

Changed the download link because stole my addon and did not even credit me.

Changed the order of the text and added download terms

Fixed a bug that destroys all gravel blocks when you crouch even though you did not break any gravel. (Only affected PE)

Thanks for letting me know about this bug and please tell me if you find any more bugs!

Fixed The first download link so it is the correct file.

Added a more detailed submission as the editor said. Thanks!


How to install mods on Xbox One

Should import when you open file.


Supported Minecraft versions


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64 Responses

4.25 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Guest-4800325075 says:

    Now I will download and upload this mod on my website saying that I have created it, in addition, I will add an adfly link shortener to earn money at your expense, I am a genius of evil!!!

  2. Useless question mark?…

  3. Human says:

    Can you create a Veinminer ore ,please?

  4. BenJamin9794 says:


  5. Vladimir Escobar says:

    Deberias crear tu uno de arboles ya que ninguno esta actualizado y haces uno de graca, esta bien pero has uno de arboles que nadie los actualiza para la version 1.14

  6. ihategravel says:

    I know my addon is pretty obsolete now and that there is much better vein miners, if you just want one for gravel then you can just use this one.

  7. EndieDaDragon says:

    Hey, I found this to be a great mod and i used it with a few of my friends on my game. However when i came to use it yesterday it stopped working even though i have not added any more mods to my game. I wondered if this could be fixed and how.

  8. ihategravel says:

    The gravel vein miner as of this comment have 5,000 downloads! That is really awesome!!

  9. Kalrizer says:

    Can you fix sand and can you make hammerpack 3 Γ— 3 like in Minecraft java

  10. Spacetater says:

    Is there anyway to get a gravel miner and vein miner to work together on the same map?

    • ihategravel says:

      Any vein miner changes the player.json file to activate a function when crouching so you cant have gravel and ore vein miner separately but if you were to make a vein miner that had gravel+ores then that would work.

  11. ihategravel says:

    Gravel+Sand addon is no longer available because PE was being stupid.

  12. ihategravel says:

    The sand+gravel pack is broken for PE I will try to fix it asap.

  13. CaptainMaps124 says:

    Which tree decapitator works with this addon?

  14. ihategravel says:

    If it says “missing dependencys” it still works. I’m trying to stop it from saying that but I’m not sure how. I repeat, the addon still works!

    • Inkling says:

      But for me it doesn’t work. I did install it and activate it in the setting but in neither my old worlds nor new created worlds it works (I was crouching). Am I missing something?

      • ihategravel says:

        Are you using the gravel pack or the gravel+sand pack?

        • Inkling says:

          I’ve tried both and each separately. However other Add-Ons don’t work either so I’m not sure where the problem lies. I’ve tried everything that i could find on the internet and the Add-Ons should work but they just don’t. Still thanks for your help πŸ˜€

  15. Inkling says:

    It says it’s missing some dependencies (Windows 10) . Any ideas what to do?

  16. Inkling says:

    I’ve tried this on Win 10 and it doesn’t work. It says it’s missing some dependencies. Any ideas?

  17. Brent says:

    There’s a small glitch that if you put enough gravel around bedrock when vain mined it will also break the bedrock aswell

  18. xXJuggernaut IV says:

    Does this disable achievements?

    • ihategravel says:

      This addon disables achievements
      because it is a behavior pack but 99% percent of all addons on this website disable achivments. If you don’t care about achivments you can get some awesome mods!

  19. ihategravel says:

    I took down the download link for the zip file temporarily to stop another wbesite from using my addon please use this in the meantime

  20. ihategravel says:

    I have checked and this add-on has about 3500 downloads, that is AMAZING!! Thanks so much for downloading it!!! : )

  21. Jennifer Mendes says:

    hey you said that the possibilit of put in other block to work with the mod it’s real
    but putting more than one block it’s also possible? i just need to know witch file to edit.

    • ihategravel says:

      Go to the first media file link and right click and save as a zip file. Extract it and go the the functions folder. click on the JSON file named gravel and change the block to whatever you want. To make it do multiple blocks leave a space between the two as shown below

      execute @a ~ ~ ~ execute @e[type=item,name=gravel,r=5] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~1 gravel 0 fill ~ ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~1 air 0 destroy

      execute @a ~ ~ ~ execute @e[type=item,name=gravel,r=5] ~ ~ ~ detect ~1 ~ ~1 gravel 0 fill ~1 ~ ~1 ~1 ~ ~1 air 0 destroy

      execute @a ~ ~ ~ execute @e[type=item,name=gravel,r=5] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~1 dirt 0 fill ~ ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~1 air 0 destroy

      execute @a ~ ~ ~ execute @e[type=item,name=gravel,r=5] ~ ~ ~ detect ~1 ~ ~1 dirt 0 fill ~1 ~ ~1 ~1 ~ ~1 air 0 destroy

    • ihategravel says:

      Sorry, its kind of hard to explain it.

  22. Carl says:

    Very good mod except for that it breaks blocks around it which you can use to break bedrock

  23. MineShaft Games says:

    I’ve tested the add-on and it breaks some blocks around it, for some reason? Idk why

  24. ihategravelmore says:

    Best mod

  25. Fred_MC says:

    Can u pls make an andesite and granite vein miner addon, that would be cool

  26. Josh says:

    The pack isnt showing up i reset it won’t pop up on xbox 1.12 windows

  27. jayb5150 says:

    everytime I try to put it in my game it claims duplicate pack.

  28. ihategravel says:

    I have fixed the big and the update is in submission, please use this link in the meantime

  29. IHateGravelToo says:

    Is there a way to make it work when we use Bein miner at the moment?

    Nice job btw!

  30. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    Thanks for making this addon like seriously I’ve always wanted this to be a default vein miner mod/addon feature but it never was 😒. I’m on PE so I’ll wait until this bug ur talking about is fixed
    (I think im might go on a gravel breaking spree)

  31. MineShaft Games says:

    This is a great Addon! I love it its so useful in my survival! I’m so thankful! Plus I hate gravel!

  32. ihategravel says:

    I have noticed that there is a bug on PE that is annoying so please wait till I have released the fix in two days or so. This bug isn’t on xbox when I tested so xbox players should be fine. I don’t have windows 10 so if someone could tell me if it is working right on windows 10 that would be much appreciated.

  33. ihategravel says:

    Sorry the text seems out of order, I will fix it ASAP!

  34. ihategravel says:

    The first link is broken and will be fixed soon. For now please go to for the fixed link.

  35. gio1135 says:

    The .mcaddon isn’t compressed, my guy. It’s still a folder.

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