Gravity Runner 2 [Parkour] [Minigame]

Gravity Runner 2 is the second map in a series of speed parkour maps. It leaves you no time to think and consider your next move for long because if you stop you will fall down into an endless void and die.

The map is made up out of sand blocks which are floating up in the sky. Whenever you step on top of a sand block it will in a second or two fall down so you have to be quick to get to the next block if you don’t want to lose.

It’s surely a challenging map with a unique type of parkour. The main goal is to be faster than the laws of gravity and pass all five sections included in the map.

Have you tried out the first Gravity Runner map? If not, click here.

Creator: KoolGhettoKid

gravity1 gravity2 gravity3 gravity4 download

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  1. jolle says:

    its good but if you fail one time your stuck…

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