GravityGun + GUI Mod (Android)

GravityGun Mod PE/Bedrock adds an epic item into Minecraft called the Gravity Gun. you will enjoy this mod. It allows you to lift and carry mobs at will. Once you use the gravity gun to lift them up you can launched them in the direction you are facing. It can also be used for catching mobs.

Creator: Mhafy.1016Website
Updated: 18 December, 2018

How does it work?

First off you will need to obtain the Gravity Gun. To do that you will need to type one of the following commands. You can also configure the launch distance and hold distance of the Gravity Gun by using these commands.


  • /GravityGun get – adds Gravity Gun to Inventory (Gravity Gun Item ID: 1016)
  • /GravityGun setPower (int) – sets the Gravity Gun launched distance.
  • /GravityGun setDistance (int) – sets the Gravity Gun hold distance.
  • /GravityGun setPPSpeed (int) – sets the Gravity Gun push/pull speed.
  • /GravityGun setRange (int) – sets the Gravity Gun range.
  • /GravityGun setGuiSize (int) – sets the Gravity Gun Gui size.
  • /GravityGun setGuiTrans (int) – sets the Gravity Gun Gui transparency.
  • /GravityGun setGuiHd (bool) – sets the Gravity Gun Gui type.

To use the Gravity Gun you will need to tap on the mob which you want to lift. Then tap on it again to launch it. If you want to drop the entity then you can switch the active hotbar slot.

The Gravity Gun works on all types of entities, including ones like boats.

How to use?



Pull / Push:



Requires the most recent BlockLauncher version.

  1. Click to download .MODPKG
  2. Import with BlockLauncher
  3. Restart BlockLauncher and then go in-game and start playing!

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31 Responses

3.83 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. HackR says:

    Plz fix Android download.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please make a iPad version

  3. jonfog says:

    can you make it for pc pls

  4. Joshua says:

    I whant a gravity gun mod

  5. Randy L JohnstonR says:


  6. Colress says:

    You can turn this into a zip to make your life easier

  7. Ggoodd binge says:

    It’s rubbish this mod

  8. Anonymous says:

    How do you get it

  9. Johnny says:

    Nasty redirects. BEWARE

  10. Anonymous says:

    This seems like a cool mod… but I’m kinda annoyed there aren’t any credits to a Half Life 2..? Idk it might’ve been a accident. :3

  11. Hanz Floyd Fernando says:

    Your mod has a problem it, I failed on importing it on my blocklahncher

  12. StrangeDude says:

    I wonder…
    modPE format utilize the Javascript format,
    So would it be possible soon to use the scripting api and use all the modPE stuff without the block launcher?

  13. jace says:

    i hoop is great

  14. Oliver says:

    I think your gravity gun mod is great

  15. RooksAreCool says:

    The fact that you didn’t give facts of the gun is a work from Half Life 2 really bothers me

  16. Derp says:

    Sorry man i think you took a place to uploads your creation in a wrong website!

  17. Tavin says:

    I made this in Minecraft iOS with command blocks lol.

  18. Hi I'm cool says:

    Hey can u make a portal mod for the newest update 😀

  19. Just Curious says:

    Does this work for 1.7?

  20. Therix says:

    This is great! Are you going to continiue Desno’s Portal mod?

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