Greeden [16×16]

Greeden is the perfect texture pack for anyone who love the color of green. Many of the blocks (e.g. crafting table, enchanting table) got a green bright color. But it’s not like your entire world will turn into a green universe. It adds more smooth looking textures for grass, sand and other blocks which aren’t necessary green but definitely a nice upgrade from the default textures. The water also have a much more realistic and clear appearance.

Creator: IdenDarkTP, Twitter Account

greeden-5 greeden-4 greeden-3 greeden-2 greeden-1


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9 Responses

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  1. Eve20 says:

    Zips are useless please do something else

  2. Dawego says:

    Oops you also need to edit the manifest in .json to .txt then do the part when you rename MCPE 1.1 default textures. Then rename manifest.txt to manifest.json

  3. Dawego says:

    If you want, you can transfer or also known as porting texture pack. You will need any file app. You get a template texture pack
    (default – then download the file. Also download this file. Get the textures of greenden and put it in the default texture. (Keep in mind that you have to delete the default textures block file. Then get the blocks from green den file and copy it there. Then change the manifest and delete the old one. If u see the ‘name’ ‘MCPE 1.1 default textures’ change it greenden 16x. Don’t delete the straight commas or else it won’t work. Also dont forget to delete the manifest old file..Then turn the whole file into zip and rename as GreenDen.mcpack and BAM, you got texture pack. It sometimes works for pc textures. That’s called porting.

  4. I am basically the Wither Boss says:

    I’m on iOS pleez make a mc.pack folder

  5. Rilly good says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with this texture pack

  6. superspider3500 says:

    Don’t you mean Greenden, and not Greeden?

  7. PvRocket100YT says:

    Cool pack!! 😉

  8. KiritoPlaysMCPE says:

    Pls make it into mc.pack

  9. Green says:

    (Deep Breathing)

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