Published on June 03, 2021 (Updated on April 27, 2022)

Mr. Green's Nether Pack

This pack features removed "Nether Fog", black Netherrack and Nether Brick as well as many other texture changes that helps to alter the entire look and feel of the Nether. Download the pack and see it all for yourself!

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Removed unnecessary textures such as Green Lava and Green Fire, I will be creating a separate "Green Lava and Fire Pack" for those of you that enjoy those textures. At this time I do not wish to have them be a part of this pack. 

Please let me know Via Discord if there are any textures I may have forgotten. Cheers.  


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Fails to import
Thank you for making this i just used it for green lava
green lava is acid
Can you make a pack that only changes the lava, campfire, fire, nether brick, and magma blocks pls?
I would appreciate it
I just realized acid is technically a drug so if you die to acid fire/lava/magma then you should make the death message say something like "[player name] got overdosed" or something like that.
Green Lava = A C I D