Green Paladium Add-on!

Tired of always mining the same ore in minecraft ? Then download this add-on that will add the green paladium ! With this add-on you’ll be able to make new tools and some much !

You can find the ores in All biomes in the overworld (Between Y= 5 and 15 ) and smelt them to get ingots to craft new items !

You will be able to make green paladium blocks ! With only Paladium 9 ingots !

And also you will be able to get new tools and equipments ! 

And also these tools will give you effects when you have them in your hand! 

Like this green Paladium Pickaxe !

give you haste 2 !

The Green Paladium Sword !

give you strenght 1.

The Green Paladium  Axe !

give you haste !

You can also make Food !

This food give you special effects !

like strength to kill faster mobs, speed to walk faster and regeneration and also absorption.

Green Paladium Scrap !

In this update, I’ve added the green Paladium scrap. You can use this to upgrade your diamond tools to paladium tools…. more powerful !

If you have any suggestions, or bugs to report to me, join my discord server or send me a message on discord : KingZoLy#9207

Changelog View more

Add New featured image.

Update the behavior link

Update the resource link.

Add the paladium scrap

remove the verification behavior and resource link

Add the green Paladium scrap

Add new featured Image

Add : upgrade diamond pickaxe to paladium pickaxe

Add : upgrade diamond axe to paladium axe

Add : upgrade diamond sword to paladium sword


Update the description

Update the bref introduction

update the Installation description

Link Update !( Behavior and discord )

Icon Update !


Enable Experimental Gameplay !

Enable the experimental gameplay to have the ore !


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

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  1. xDee says:

    No Adblock… And minutes trying and trying. I quit… Suggestion: try to find another way to earn some coins from us.

  2. ClemKoGa says:

    You gave me old Paladium v5 vibes 😀

  3. Guest-3335246256 says:

    not working it show me : Please disable Adblock to proceed to the destination page. but i have already disable adblock.

  4. Guest-1877988427 says:


  5. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I use this for my modpack?

  6. Guest-1408979944 says:

    the ore doesn’t seem like it’s spawning correctly i looked at y level 5-10 and don’t find any after a 10 min search in creative

  7. Minecraft_is_cool says:

    How do you get the palladium scrap?

  8. Guest-1702993638 says:

    Mine works but i think the pack beeds to be be nerfed because its as common as iron needs low level pick to mine and 1 shots unarmored players and 3 shots full diamond just a i think you should make it rarer and an upgrade to diamond or netherite like how diamond goes to netherite if you can.

  9. Guest-1456571427 says:

    My behavior pack has a yellow (!) and doesn’t work

  10. Guest-9571800627 says:

    Why is there a pop-up Everytime I click somewhere

  11. Guest-1728734157 says:

    The BP Not Found In The Links Please Reload And Create New Link

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