Green Selection Slot (For Mobile Users)

This is my first ever texture pack that I wanted to upload and publish to people. Anyway in this pack i just changed some texture so when you chose an items slot it highlighted that slot with a green background and white border for mobile users, maybe someone like this selection slot more than the default one so i make this, it’s quite easy and i made it on an ipad with some free app, hope you like it, or don’t.

Here’s some pictures of the pack for some people who can’t read or just don’t understand what i’m talking about:

Added Light Black Color for people that using dark mode ui (I don’t have dark mode in this picture here because i’m lazy to download one, please don’t yell at me):

Added White Color:

You can choose between these colors in the subpacks:

I’m just getting used to this subpacks thing in the code, so i just added 2 colors this time, I don’t know which color to add actually, like added so much mean i need to take more pictures and added more codes in the manifest file and to be honest that take too damn long, i’m making everything here on my Ipad and not a Pc so it’s hard to edit, also this thing have battery dude, making this drain about 23% of my ipad battery. Btw i added the color of light black and white for controllers, Window 10 users as well, but I cannot check it because I don’t have a pc or controller, but i think it will work regardless. Thanks for reading. Also everything single screenshot is from my iPad.

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Added 2 colors:

Light Black(or you could called it gray) for dark mode user


The other color i will add later, maybe you guy could ask for those color and i will add them, for this update just light black and white colors because i don’t want to added so much excessive one and waste my times. Thanks for reading

Added a video for evidence, i mean showcase, thank you for reading



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  1. Domz mi Monz says:

    What app/software did you use to make that?

    • Lord_Khufu says:

      Crafty craft for the texture edit and Readdle for coding, there’s some trick i have to get around with the Crafty craft app, you need diamond to basically make a resource pack, but i find out that when you done edit a texture and press save, it’s gonna be send to the files app on your ios decvice, once it there i’m just change the name and share it to readdle to complete the pack, readdle is not a coding app like on PC so i need to write by hand and check carefully after i done, it’s just take a lot of times, you could check them out, both of the apps are free, just search for the name on appstore

  2. Lord_Khufu says:

    Should i add more colors ?

  3. Yeet yeet2143 says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for something just like this.

  4. Kitcats says:

    Team Fortess 2 and Minecraft Are Copied each other Minecraft copied the name from the dispenser like in tf2 minecraft copy anything in Tf2

  5. YoungBear says:

    How did you get that type of inventory menu on mobile? I’ve been look for something like that for ages

  6. Media fire nice. Make a few more colors maybe

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