GreenX [Parkour]

GreenX is a parkour map combined with a mod. It got a fully working checkpoint system and potion effects will automatically be added to your player as you make your progress in the map.

Combining mods with maps are still quite rare for Minecraft Pocket Edition, but it definitely improves the gameplay as it adds many fun perks to the game. Take as an example the progress bar which is displayed in the center of the screen to let you know how far in each level you’ve reached.

Creators: JovanModPE (Twitter Account), ivanfull99TV, GreenThiefYT

(The mod file can only be installed on Android devices using BlockLauncher.)


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6 Responses

  1. Jayden says:

    How u make the ppl?

  2. CaptainColaz says:

    Where is the link of the mod ?

  3. Justus says:

    When I try to import the mod it says the file does not exist

  4. GamingCreeperx says:

    Really good I love maps people create

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