Grey Netherite! v.1.1 Pack (PvP-Variant added)

Netherite is in itself a very powerful and strong material, don't you think it deserves a better look than something rusty?  Then this pack is just right for you! This pack removes the rust brown color from Netherite and gives it a nice gray. Both the blocks and armor, tools have a lot through it more impressive appearance.

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-Added GreyNetherite PvP-Variant Subpack.

-Change Pack Version to v1.1.



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Looks really good, plus it makes finding ancient debris a lot easier
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Hello, I eat cactus :D August 08, 2021 at 9:28 pm
Make outlined ores with outlined netherite next
looks cool but i would like it if you were to make ancient debris the original brown tho
You should make brown netherite, to fit the theme with ancient debris