Grind 16x PvP Pack

Grind 16x PvP pack is a Blue-Gold themed texture pack , diamonds are now darker and has gold textures on them . This texture pack also has bow indicators , custom crosshair , clean and clear ui , java style main menu , and alot more cool features that would make you want to Grind more in PvP!

Grind 16x Textures and Changes:

(better grass and clear water)

The Texture Pack Has 2 subpacks:

1.Default Subpack

– Dark Background on Inventory Screens.

2. Fast GUI Subpack

– Removed Dark Backgrounds on Inventory Screens.

Other Features:

1. Full Bright ( Delete the Shaders folder if your world is invisible )

2. No White Circle Touch

3. PvP Style Shovels

4. Custom Emote Wheel

5. Simple Break Animation



Cubemap –

Discord :

My Discord Server

Changelog View more

- Made the Description simpler and understandable. If this still gets denied , and the reason is "detailed submission" ,i dont know what to put and do anymore ://

- Improved the Text Description especially the brief introduction since it was incomplete and not detailed enough

Changed the Featured Image

Btw , my submission is super detailed tho why u do this to me ;-;


( Follow the instructions of linkvertise and it will redirect you to MediaFire)

1. Download the pack

2. Go to downloads

3. Tap on the file and open with minecraft

4. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16



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  1. ZapperXHD says:

    Did U Make This Pack Yourself? If You Did, Your Insane

  2. CJG15 says:

    Great pack I love it but where can I get this world I see it everywhere can u pls tell me and my favorite pvp pack this is 💯

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