This pack replaces all horses, donkeys, and mules with the Grumman LLV postal van. The Grumman LLV has been America’s favourite post van since the 80’s, and now you can enjoy it in Minecraft Bedrock. Now with a standalone version!


De-Buffed version now available!

Think the LLV was a bit too fast? I did, so I made it about half as fast. The de-buffed version can be used in your survival worlds without it feeling as much like a cheat. Why did I de-buff the speed, you ask? I plan to make more vehicles in the future, each with varying speeds. The LLV will be just below the middle end of the spectrum, but it balances back out with the fact that it has a small chest’s worth of inventory space.

Standalone version is now available!

The Standalone Version:

The standalone version includes four Grumman LLV’s; the blank white one, the flames one, the USPS one, and the Canada Post one. They can be found with the Spawn Eggs if both the resource pack and behaviour pack are turned on.

Download at the bottom!


The Horse Replacement Version:

Every aspect of the horse has been overwritten by the Grumman LLV, except for the sounds. Different colours of LLV can spawn randomly around your world, and a couple of custom LLV’s can be spotted, as well as some familiar faces.

Even the armour has been replaced with some custom liveries! Or should I say delivery liveries.
Anyways, the armour is as follows:
Leather – Plain, but can be dyed any colour.

Iron – Flames and red smoothies

Gold – 1980’s US Mail Truck

Diamond – Postman Pat Van

Each respective type of horse even has its own palette of LLV!

Standard Horse – Plain, can spawn in various colours

Donkey – Canada Post Van

Mule – USPS Van

Skeleton Horse – Dark USPS Van


The Mule (USPS) and Donkey (Canada Post) vans can have chests loaded into the back!

You can just use this resource pack in any world (if you don’t fancy disabling cheats), but the behaviour pack is what allows you to sit in the correct position!


-Jumping does not look right

-Z-fighting can be noticed on some variants, but it isn’t a huge deal.

-The Horse Replacement exists so that you can obtain the LLV in survival mode without cheats, behaviour packs are considered cheats.

-The De-Buffed version is exactly the same as the standalone, it is just half as fast and has a small chest’s worth of inventory in it. Useful for survival worlds.

This is my first mod, so go easy on me!


Changelog View more

Version 1.0.0: Mod created, only replaces horses.
Version 1.0.1: Standalone version added that features 4 select Grummans.

1.0.0: Released as a replacement for the horses
1.0.1: Made standalone version without a functioning inventory.
1.0.2: Made a de-buffed version, it's half as fast but it has a small chest's worth of storage.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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34 Responses

4.21 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Guest-9238111346 says:

    All of your Addons fail to import šŸ™

  2. Dezu says:

    Its a truck not a van

  3. Fancyguy2005 says:

    Hey Jettacar Can You Summon On Command Those Grummans

  4. A guy who likes this Addon says:

    Hey, could you make these custom entities? I read about ou you want people to access them in survival, but you could keep that .mcpack still there, but just make a sperate addon for custom entities. Thank you so much, love this addon for my city I am currently building, I’ll give you credits in my description when I upload the map!

    • A guy who likes this Addon says:

      Oh and also, try to make it bigger, my head pops out of it when I sit in it.
      Sorry if I’m causing any problems for you.

  5. Naxy_21 says:

    The de-buffed version not work, the pack is the standalone in game

  6. ZWH MM says:

    Can u make a Humvee and Hummer,please???

  7. Great addon but I was wondering how u made your car shape, like what program do u use?
    Iā€™m a beginner addon creator and would like to know.

  8. AndraxGamingPH says:

    I regret what i said to you before, im sorry.

  9. Yeetus says:

    Can you make a .zip file for this lol

  10. United Biomes says:

    They are great, but could you make an addon with limousines! I’d really like that

    • jettacar says:

      That doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea! I’d likely make it an old Lincoln Town Car.

      • Rockeous says:

        Or a sports car of some sort. My server NonAmaCa (address below) needs some sort of sports car such as a Bugatti Veyron. I am no add-on expert but could you make a BALANCED Veyron please. The others go faster than Sonic lmao. Anyway, good add-on!

  11. Timo Tastic says:

    0o0 this is your first mod and you are good at this already!!! No way I am not giving this a 5 star rating, because I can’t make something so close to this!!! Keep up the good work ;D

  12. AndraxGamingPH says:

    You dont know how to make custom mobs?
    Go back to 2017 jettacar, this addon era doesnt need this type of addon, it replaces mobs and all of us minecrafters don’t use this type of addon anymore, its 2019 you should make custom mobs and not replace mobs. also this is not 2017 this is 2019 this is not a year for replacing mobs in minecraft please update this.

    • jettacar says:

      It replaces horses so you can use it in a survival world without enabling cheats, I literally said this.

    • jettacar says:

      It replaces horses so you can use it within a survival world without enabling cheats. I literally said this.
      If you don’t like others’ mods, you can make your own.

      • Rockeous says:

        Goodness gracious. The toxicity of these people. The add-on is great but perhaps make custom sounds and perhaps no wheelies when it jumps ;-D. Keep up the good work and don’t let people like this bring you down! šŸ˜€

  13. AndraxGamingPH says:

    This addon is outdated. If you want to create mobs that replaces existing mobs please go back to 2017 and leave 2019 right now. Also you dont know how to make your own mobs? Just play fortnite if you dont know anything about the new minecraft. Also this addon is useless cause all of us minecraft players use custom entities not like this addon. PLEASE UPDATE IT!

  14. Kostenych says:

    Hi, will you continue making machines?

    • jettacar says:

      I plan to in the future, with actual vehicle characteristics instead of overwriting horses. This mod was intended to stay private because of my past experiences with game modding forums and toxic members, but I thought “eh, heck it”.

  15. rats4final says:

    Dude, you know you can add those entities without having to replace horses, donkeys,etc right?

    • jettacar says:

      I’m aware, I just replaced them so I could use them within my survival world without enabling cheats. It was meant to be a personal mod, but I thought I’d let it out because people liked it.

  16. HM says:

    Super cool

  17. Ill go easy on you since this is your first addon but nextime can you add the entitys instead of replacing horses

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