GSV Shaders 2.7 Update (Android)

GSV Shaders is a simple shaders to make your Minecraft a little more beautiful, with shadows, good lighting and beautiful water

For you to see better let’s go to screenshots:

Landscape (Day):

Landscape (Night):

Landscape raining (Noon):

Landscape raining (Midnight):

Water (Sunset):

Water (Midnight):


Nether normal:

Crimson Forest:

Warped Forest:

Basalt Biome:

Soul Sand Valley:


KK3310 = Made shader tutorials

The Hybred (Creator of Parallax Shaders) = CubeMap

Shaders video on my YouTube channel:

Discord do meu canal para Brasileiros:


1. I don’t know if it works on iOS

2. Any mistake, comment

3. When the render dragon launches the shaders it will not work

4. The first version did not come out on mcpedl, so the first version is on my channel

It taken too much for me to do these shaders, i will add more things futurely

Download and Have Fun

Changelog View more

Changelog (ENG):

Less clear water by far

Changelog (PT-BR):

Água mais clara de longe

Diamond sun

Realistic cloud by Cubemap (by The Hybred)

Simple reflection of the sun in the water

Added more bluish and more beautiful coloring and lighting underwater

Added very beautiful and bluish lighting and coloring under water

Version 2.5: I added bluish lighting and coloring under water

In the description of my video link up there, Thank you


Bugs correction


Color of the world

Block light color

Night color

Nether's color


Heaven saturation

Biggest stars

Beautiful clouds


More transparent water


Mcpack: download and click

Zip: download, extract, then move to the games / com.mojang / resource_packs folder


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)


16x Shaders

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32 Responses

4.45 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. joe847802 says:

    tested on switch to see if it works. loads up but every block is invisible. Took off other shaders i have and still invisble. Shaders that work on switch so far are energy shaders and yamarin shaders.

  2. Kamu says:

    Sorry i dont know hot to comment i reply before why the world invisible in 2.5

  3. Fly4blunt says:

    does it work for xbox?

  4. luiz 0798 says:

    I loved it very beautiful congratulations 👍

  5. EatNYeet says:

    Looks like a great shader. Mainly because of the clouds and brightness of everything tho, but y’know, that’s what a shader is, no? If you can’t make it for win10 because you don’t own that version, I own it, and will gladly help you test it. If it’s because you don’t have a computer, well, oof. The reason I say this is because if you can make this for win10, I’d be really happy to have helped test a great shader. If me testing it works out for you, then great, and you wouldn’t have to credit me, only if you wanted to. Thanks for reading.

  6. Bryce Aquino says:

    Yes I tried it, This texture pack are the most beautiful shaders i Downloaded,Thanks for making it.

    By the way I questioned you about the shaders with mobs and items.Because I download every
    Texture pack I found and then my mobs and items are changed because they’re are replaced by the resource pack. And this texture you created it doesn’t change my mobs and items. Thank you so much for making it because my city is now 2.0 because of your Shaders, Thank you thank you thank you so much..😊

    More Power.. ✌

  7. 4_UW says:

    This looks really cool it would be great if you could make it work with windows 10

  8. Unknow Newbie says:

    Nice, please fix the bug of waving speed whenever the player sprint

  9. I haven’t tried the shaders yet but this is awsome

  10. Bryce Aquino says:

    Is items or mobs have a texture?
    Because my other texture are replaced mobs and items..
    So if your texture pack are just beautiful skies and beautiful shadows i will download this mod asap.

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