GTA San Andreas [Creation]

This map is a ported replica of the area around Idlewood in Los Santos, San Andreas. GTA San Andreas is an old and still quite popular game (especially so online version known as SA-MP). The map was created a few years back as a survival hunger games map for the Minecraft: Java Edition but has since been ported to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Creator: Raymancaster (original PC map)
Ported by: MrMvBPE, Twitter Account
Updated: 28 November, 2017 (re-ported, fixed weird shadow bugs)

You’ll spawn on Grove Street. If you’ve played San Andreas then you’ll know that this is where Carl Johnson and his gangster homies like Big Smoke and so on live. The map was actually originally built for hunger games but you can also just explore it for fun.

Cluckin’ Bell and their funny jingle: Cock a doodle doo it’s time for chickin’! Cock a doodle doo it’s time for a feast! Eat a 90 piece bucket you can tell.. he’s been to Cluckin’ Bell!

Los Santos Stadium!

The Los Santos River. It’s most likely empty of water because of drought.

Vagos hangout.

Grove Street.


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116 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the GTA IV map ?

  2. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Ok I found a download link for y’all

  3. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Help the download links don’t work it takes me to a random site and I really want to download this masterpiece:/

  4. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Lol this map still hasn’t been update

  5. Sama3l says:

    I cant download the map on ios it dosent work, the sebaite is not good

  6. John Carlo says:

    Not working, file can’t found(error 404)

  7. Sino Games Network says:

    Question please.

    Are the houses real like…. we can get in them or it’s just look?

    And can you fill the places under the bridges with water?

    But this map is the best map. Really it’s the best.

  8. Ur mom says:

    The url shortener prevents me from being able to get map

  9. PinkiePoodle536 says:

    Can’t download it, I can’t get past the adds

  10. Kizer says:

    I can’t download because of the dumb adware site you use

  11. AngryCreeper634 says:

    I can’t even download it, it just takes me to all these Bitcoin websites and then after skipping some ads it takes me to an 18+ site. If someone can send me a direct link to the ACTUAL download page, I would appreciate it.

  12. NoobBRBRBRBR says:

    ugh it says to me dowload adobe AND I DONT WANT!

  13. Araiguma Kiruno says:

    Better u use cuz that ad website is pure evil i completed the captha and it bring back the homepage,its doin that ever and ever

  14. Christopher says:

    It shows the link but when I press it on kindle it has a ad pop up and I press skip ad and the ad don’t come off

  15. Lavaboy says:

    link is broken. Need this for YouTube series

  16. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Very good map there should be a gta v map

  17. Conor says:

    34 minutes and still haven’t got through the ads

  18. Enini says:

    So very hard to download this maps👎

  19. TheNoobestNoob says:

    The link is broken. It redirects me always to

  20. Gemcy says:

    Can someone send the direct link i can’t seem to download it because of ad1.nk 🙁

  21. Saige says:

    My phone has a virus because of this. Hope you care 😋😢

  22. I dont now says:

    Why ican can’t download it?please give me zip file or mcworld link please

  23. Samuel says:

    Why can’t I download it keeps redirecting me to porn sites

  24. Autobotcj2006 says:

    Anyone getting this same problem i am never able to download because it is taking me to sites telling me i have a virus and its fake because it happened 5 months ago told me same and said my sim card my memory and my system will all be corrupted mcpedl need direct downloads

  25. McPlayer says:

    Every time I try to download it it won’t let me it just sends me to an ad site and then it crashes the site and I can’t download it please fix it if you can

  26. McPlayer says:

    It doesn’t get me to ,so I can’t install the map please give me the mediafire link or link, PLEASE😀😀

  27. AJ says:

    Why can’t I download it when I try to it takes me to a weird site

  28. Matar Kaung Gyi says:

    I can’t download.Please fix it as fast as you can.

  29. Christina Ventrello says:

    Every time I try to download it it won’t let me it just sends me to an ad site and then it crashes the site and I can’t download it please fix it if you can

  30. Markiplier says:

    Did not work and it gave me a virus DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  31. Drailgun says:

    These ads don’t even let me download the map

  32. Drailgun says:

    Those adds are so annoying I can’t even download the map

  33. Minecraft_Awesomeness says:

    This is a map of Survial Games of Brokenlenz! I knew it looked familiar!

  34. SwellMonster354 says:

    Man I cannot download this map because which is very offensive to me

  35. Jesse says:

    Can u fix it i mean

  36. Jesse says:

    I am on a kindle fire 7 and every time I try to get a map i push download .zip but it takes me somewhere copyright can I ple fix this

  37. Th3Emilis says:

    Too many ads short-link pages….

  38. EnderKitty700 says:

    Dude I’m on ios it’s takes me to A dating site 🤢🤢🤢

  39. Epicoco says:

    I’m scared of doing it
    It will give me a virus

    How can you do it

  40. TheEmeraldGamer says:

    I’ll have 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45’s, one with cheese and a large soda.

  41. Aurko says:

    Big smoke is a traitor not a homie

  42. RagingArmaggedon says:

    Awesome map u should make a gta 5 map too that would b awesome cuz I just suggested the creator of the street wars add on to add more stuff that would go great with a gta 5 map

  43. Peter Gabrielle T. Rosauro says:

    Does it have a strip club?

  44. SkeletonGamer95 says:

    Wow great Map but what’s with the weird floating ocean chunks with pillars of random blocks like half beds, dirt blocks that say update, the old nether reactor, and red netherack things from old versions of MCPE
    but still great map

  45. LemonGamer says:

    The map i BEAUTIFUL good job i mean i am not too familiar with GrandTheftAuto San Andreas BUT i am familiar with GrandTheftAuto 5

  46. IoIZambie says:

    I’ll have 2 number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7 and a LARGE sofa

  47. EndyVane says:

    Can I have 2 number 9’s?

  48. YoloBoyZz says:

    Hey can you put the link for the shader texture?

  49. Mat says:

    This is a great map! Though it is more of a PvP map than a Creation map since the center is a cornucopia. That’s my only trouble with this map. Though I have a suggestion, make this map into an adventure map. That sure would be an awesome mix between Minecraft and GTA SA. Plz do it anyone 🙂 I would love it so much.

  50. Ash says:

    This Map Is Awesome!

  51. Lightningbolt says:

    That cool.But it’s not all.It’s too small,I want to go to San Francisco.

  52. LegoAidan10155 says:

    Cool map, but since it’s for gta why didn’t you mention the gta addon?

  53. Moe says:

    Wish They had a mod for minecraft but still it looks cool

  54. xXFireGamesXx says:

    Please we want puzzle map it,s Amazing

  55. Robert Engle says:

    It looks like gta san andress/gta 5

  56. Max says:

    Hay there’s blocks of blocks in the sky near spawn and it’s making lag take it out to make my iPad not crash I’ve only crashed once but I don’t want it to happen agin got it?

  57. iOS Warrior says:

    How many megabytes is it plz reply

  58. Guest5939 says:

    Ok, dude.
    Now I have an actual problem. Why the heck is there a large piece of land on the top of the San andreas land?
    It is too dark, and the concrete has dark shadows on them. Still a good game, but with the terrible lighting, it’s hard to play without bumping into things and glitching. Every time I try to fix it, my game simply stops then resets. so annoying 🙁

  59. Guest5939 says:

    OK, this map is amazing 😀
    But since I am using a different texture pack ( not the default)
    I have found that there are some colored blocks unnecessary. There is too many unfinished stuff and the villagers can’t quite get inside the houses when it’s night time unless I replace it with an Oak door. I love the way the houses are built, but how it looks misplaced and unattractive’ I hope I can make some changes to make them suit their needs.

    Either-way, I think this is a great add-on and fun to play!

  60. Desstrick says:

    Cool but why is this like a hunger games? I don’t want but oh well

  61. Dan the pro says:

    I like this map but I think you should make a GTA 5 addon or mod or a
    GTA sa mod or addon

  62. Carlos says:

    The map is awesome! Wow and I want to play the videogame of this map

  63. Unicorn says:

    Love it!!

  64. PenguinAle21 says:

    Hi there! Is franklins new house in this map?

  65. Minecraft World says:

    Does it work for iOS?

  66. Mohamed says:

    Best map I have ever played

  67. Anonymous says:

    Dude plz make this available for IOS with media fire or some other download application

  68. You Dont Say says:

    Good map! But are it contains Las Venturas and San Fierro too? Or it just contain Los Santos?

  69. Zahran says:

    what the size?

    • Editor says:

      It should cover: Grove Street and also north and south of Grove Street. Can’t remember the names for those. But I think it should include the Cluckin Bell south of Grove Street and also the basketball courts north of Grove Street. As well as some parts of Idlewood.

  70. mahadi says:

    Good I love it?

  71. Savage777 says:

    Thank god this is still here. I keep running into fake and glitched out maps of Gta sa but glad I went to Google

    • Editor says:

      Yup, made sure to upload it to a safe host where I know it won’t be removed and I have also got it stored on my desktop, so you will always find it it on 😉

  72. Ryan says:

    Download link doesn’t work for me :/

  73. David says:

    Ver y good

  74. earl says:

    Wow! does it work on pe?

  75. sarah says:

    Does it work on a kindle fire hd?

    • Editor says:

      Yes, it should work on Kindle Fire HD too.

      Short guide for Kindle:

      1. Download a file manager app, e.g. ES File Explorer.

      2. Download the GTA San Andreas map (it’ll be a zip file).

      3. Click on the notifications bar and then click on the download finished button.

      4. When you do that ES File Explorer will open and you’ll there find your downloaded map in a zip file.

      5. Press the select button on the tools bar and then click on the map zip file to extract it.

      6. Choose to to extract it here: /sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

      7. Open Minecraft and enjoy the map. 🙂

  76. Wendylle says:


  77. AxisZ says:


    • Lance says:

      Does it has a gun mod

    • George,Waalkens says:

      Each time I download maps like megacity Jurassic world and GTA 5 San Andreas it kicks me out of Minecraft I put might be because my device (which is an iPad 4) can you fix this because I like maps instead of building if the modern read this I will say good job to them because I’m so lazy and I don’t like building but I want my job to be a a builder. The next map I’m downloading I will download skyshroom. I will probably keep getting addons and the blocklancherPE mods I want the mods like to many items and different blocks this was posted on the 13 March. I want you to make like ROBLOX hacks for iPads ok any hack like c00lkidds hack. Goodbye people

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