Guawa Point V6 [Creation]

Are you bored using other cities. Heres the city that named Guawa Point V6 they have mcworld,zip files but this is edit so i remove insulting cities there but how about my beautiful Country(City) Rate it on comments you can do anything you want in my city

Thanks for 200 subscribers if they 200

Hit Level 32 in The Hive Treasure Wars

Hit Level 8 in Hive Skywars

Next Update is 01/10/2021

The Great Mansion is completed and new 3rd floor is added

This is a MintoCityBigPointDistrict Skyway added in Minto City

Another Exit here to Minto Proper Avenue

The full aerial view in Minto City Exit

Bridge get higher and river added with animals underwater i said that the next update is bridge get higher for water tunnel

UnderPass Interesor Avenue but its unfinished Stay tuned for next updates

An exit to Minto Expressway to Interesor

Interesor Avenue is complete and fully furnished

New High building at Interesor Residential zone

The world spawn of Guawa Point V6

so i added more enchantments in Master Helmet,Chestplate,Leggings and Master boots

Creator AntonioGamer428

World Builders



This city is 43% completed

download the city anyway to get Version 6 inGuawa Point City and the world spawn is in Interesor.

This Is Mediafire Link

you can only download this map in 1.16.201 and above

you cannot download this in 1.16.101 and below

The next update is (01/10/2021)

Changelog View more

Only Replaced The Brief Introduction because it says do not insult cities

Whats new in Guawa Point V6

-New 3rd floor in The Great Mansion

-New Minto City Interchange

-Improved Bridge Height

-New River

-New Underpass Interesor Avenue but Unfinished

-New Interesor Avenue and its fully furnished

-New Higher Interesor Residential zone building

Whats New in this update

-Interesor Residential zone

-New Train station at Interesor Residential zone

-Two New buildings at Interesor

-Waterway is 40% completed

Whats New

-Interesor Subway

-TPO road

-New building at Interesor

-Expressway Expansion is completed

-Three New Buildings at Minto Proper

Nothing Changes same as previous version

-Interesor Buildings


-Interesor Park

Added so many buildings at Interesor City and Minto Proper Avenue Finished



Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.210 (beta)

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29 Responses

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  1. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodbye everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Put A lot says:

    This person cannot take criticism from anyone and attacks everyone that gives him a low review with his toxicity and review bombs them with comments that don’t even make sense. I came here from another post btw

    • bbkcadsf is comment that my city is unrealistic okamoto shizuka said he want to give a honnest review but its amateur city and Hidden nothing more than to do so Goodluck and next update is completely delay because i said goodbye to guawa point v6

  3. Hidden says:

    Honest review.

    This building style is amateur at best. The roads are poorly designed in the sense that they seem to lead in direction with no real rhyme or reason. The buildings are not correctly scaled to the size of the roads and look out of place. Random bodies of water appear and disappear in locations.
    Lastly, I would recommend that you plan out your city before you build.

    • YOU ARE BAD GUY SO I WILL CALL POLICE FOR YOU OR REPORT YOU TO Spyguy which can only teach me hwo to make my city more better are but do not do this again did you saw under do not comment bad words and amateur is bad ratings GOOD 36%
      Bad 10% GREAT 51/52% LOVE 100%

  4. All Bad guys or Bad comments are reported or commented if i seen the bad comments for first time

    Next Update Is January 17, 2020 except for 10

    AntonioGamer428 is The Creator

  5. okamoto shizuka says:

    I want to give a very honest and good review, the city overall is an amateur city and i would say that it would need a lot of imporvements also. Please do not go ahead and insult these cities as they are not smaller than your city and in fact bigger this just doesnt go for Urashima but other cities like Hangshui so please refrain from insulting and comparing cities unless you want to start a war.

  6. bbkcadsf says:

    hey, you dont go straight up and insult the city creators. urashima is bigger and more realistic than your dogsh*t city and i bet youre the one who griefed the tower

    the buildings are so fking cringe and unrealistic af

  7. RTMega says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! You’re the best as far as McPeDL goes. I have been looking for a decent map for a LONG time that isn’t Zipped. I can’t imagine how long this took you! I like how it’s unfinished (At least on mine) so I can build off of this.. if I manage to complete this, may I publish this and tag you?

    • Next update is Interesor Minto proper road is connected from Minto Proper to Interesor but updates
      i will make a 2 – 3 blocks higher on Minto Expressway Viaduct to make a glass tunnel and underpass interchange of Big Point District

  8. Spyguy10078 says:

    Seriously I forgot the name of this city but now I came I saw my comment I was like WTH everything is changed I mean there are more details new Medieval House this is awesome fantastic Creation love it superb work

  9. Spyguy10078 says:

    Bro it’s good but honestly you guys can make a more better creation try to make A Medieval House or a skyscraper as the city is not goof as you have to need more time but you can clear your night vision effect and then at daytime click the screenshots and use and shaders so it looks cool and credit the owner of shader or put a link to shader so people don’t say its copied it will help you but it’s your choice I am gonna play this with my friend as PVP battle as I liked your work and yeah I now it’s too long ? ^_^

  10. You can now download this map

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