Gun Valley (LINK FIXED)

Hello everyone! Here I am bringing you my newly made map. This map is PVP map. It has 3 modes that you can enjoy; Battle Royale, Hitman vs Bodyguard and Counter Strike. 

VIP Escort 

You will choose between Hitman and Bodyguard. The Bodyguard must escort the VIP to the helicopter safely while the Hitman must kill the VIP. Or Eliminate the opposing team to win a round. First to get 10 points wins the game. 

Battle Royale

This game mode brings more intense action than the previous one. There is no alliance here. The main goal is to survive. The last man standing wins! 

Here is the screenshot of the chicken getting dropped from the sky. 

Random items from the chicken

Can you get here? I hope so! 😁

Got stucked or you want to restart/exit the game? The operator must type /function restart

Bomb Defusal

In this mode, players will choose between Counter-terrorist and Terrorist. To win, terrorist must successfully plant and detonate the bomb while the counter-terrorist must defuse it. Or simply eliminate all the opposing team to win a round. First to get 10 points wins the game. 

Bomb: 45 seconds 

Defusing: 15 seconds

Bomb sites: 

Helicopter: anywhere inside the helicopter.

House: white block in the VIP’s bedroom. 



Duck to zoom in while using gun. 

Spectator mode – Watch your friends peacefully without affecting their gameplay 

Game mode in progress indicator – Only 1 game at a time. If you enter other game mode while there is already in progress, you will be teleported back to the lobby. 

Ride on your buddy (or enemy? 😂) 

The Map

Please feel free to report bugs and most importantly, enjoy! 

If you have a new game recommendations, please comment down below. I’ll try to make it. And maybe I could mention your name on the credits. 😏


And to the websites where I downloaded some textures. (I’m sorry I can’t remember 😅)

Changelog View more
  • Fixed download link
  • Fixed mcworld and zip 
  • Final version - no more bugs. 
  • Added "The bomb has been planted" sound effect
  • Renamed Counter-strike Bomb Defusal
  • Renamed Hitman vs Bodyguard to VIP Escort
  • Post updated
  • Fixed the introduction; added "/" on the command
  • Fixed Classic Game to Hitman vs Bodyguard
  • Revamped the Hitman vs Bodyguard Game Room
  • Fixed language
  • Revamped Flashbang
  • Fixed counter-strike spawnrules
  • Added Timer so you can see when the bomb will explode. 
  • Several bug fixes
  • Added more pictures and details on this post. 




Supported Minecraft versions


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47 Responses

4.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-4151935407 says:

    Would it harm you to stop advertising on my posts without permission?
    MCPEDL isn’t logging me on but stop advertising on my posts!

  2. Guest-6641889241 says:

    I really commend your bomb mechanics! It is really like counter-strike! I have never seen that before in mcpe. I think you should make a counter-strike replica with bomb defusal and hostage rescue map since you are the only one who successfully made that possible. Kudos! 😉

  3. Guest-4141222903 says:

    What texture pack r u using?

  4. Guest-2219038822 says:

    The creator has archive it the wrong way. To import successfully, extract the zip file, and compress all the files from ‘behavior_packs’ all down to ‘world_resource_packs.json’ and then change the file’s extension to ‘mcworld’. Thats what I did

  5. Guest-7148278627 says:

    It’s not importing but I have the right version which is 1.14.30

  6. Guest-6345089524 says:

    It’s not importing but I have the right version which is 1.14.30

  7. Guest-3799668295 says:

    I think you should edit your post. The command has no /, which it should have. Players might mistakenly just type it and then ofcourse nothing will happen. Btw, Excellent map! 👍🏽

  8. Guest-6972520888 says:

    And the v1.0 link is have a problem is doesn’t send me to download link is send me to register or something (idk lol)

  9. Guest-2440511988 says:

    Uhhh why i cant import the level? It say level import failed? Help plz

  10. Guest-1370423240 says:

    I can’t move the files to the app documents I tried long pressed it and tap it it wouldn’t open at all and it’s the only file that’s like this I’m on iOS 13 btw

  11. Guest-7100051461 says:

    How to make random drop item?

  12. Guest-9453400285 says:

    Very very very nice!!!!i love it

    But it was better if you found a better texture for VIP

  13. Guest-6836220087 says:

    It didnt work,it shows “level import failed”,how to fix it?

  14. Guest-3343133945 says:

    Such an amazing map. Well done. Looking forward for more! 👍🏽

  15. AzozGamer936 says:

    Not bad. But I do recommend changing “Counter-Strike” to “Bomb Defusal”. Because if you call a game mode Counter-Strike, it will mean “Hostage Rescue”. Another thing, The Ts and CTs instructions are swapped, Ts need to defuse the bomb?!

  16. Guest-5873803276 says:

    Great job!

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