Gyrosphere Add-On

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. Oh you bet we are. You should too! And now you can, get your Gyrosphere today! Roll around Minecraft land with a friend. Just try not to get dizzy.

There are two sorts of Gyrospheres, the base model called a … Gyrosphere. And the mega model called a Megasphere! I doubt you can afford that one.


Pretty easy to get. Construct an upgrade kit, like this (that’s concrete on the bottom, any color):

Hmmm… Doesn’t seem expensive enough…

Anyway! Make a boat (or steal your friend’s), place the boat down, hold the upgrade kit and interact with the boat. Easy!


  • They give the driver (and the passenger..?) night vision and underwater breathing.
  • Small inventory
  • Resists fire, magma, lava and fall damage
  • Move pretty fast, below water too
  • Five variants

Repair them with redstone or iron ingots.


Quite expensive (and so they should be!). Craft the upgrade kit like so:

Do the interact boat thing, as above, and happy days.


They have all of the features of the Gyrosphere except:

  • They’re faster, jump higher, slightly smaller, more health
  • When they’re destroyed they’ll drop a Megasphere spawn egg – very neat!
  • Also resists wither, magic and explosion damage
  • Slightly larger inventory
  • Nicer colors (um, arguably..?)

Not bad! You need a nether star though. Ouch.

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Fixed bug where transformed entities always turned out to be variant one only (good work Dex!). Also added more variants and introduced compatibility with the new powerboats.


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