H SHIELDS : MOBS 4.0.0 Resource Pack

TEAM H is back with another texture pack, which brings your favorite mob to your in-game shields! – Already 19  mobs included in the pack (with your choice). Enjoy it!

Do you remember the “H SHIELDS : BLOCKS” ? TEAM H is here again with another Pack which contains lots of Mob textures for your in-game Shields ! 

        How it looks in game \/

                   -AVAILABLE MOBS-

Creeper   •w Border

Zombie   •w Border

Skeleton  •w Border

Pig           •w Border

Turtle     •w  Border

Villager  •w Border

Chicken  •w Border

Sheep    •w Border

•Llama     •w Border


•Shulker ( still work in progress, please dont hate ! )

•Wolf ( Still work in Progress , please dont hate ! )

•Wandering Trader  •w Border

•Drowned    • w Border

•illager         • w Border

•Fox               • w Border

•Snow Fox   • w Border

•Phantom    • w Border

•Iron Golem • w Border

how shields look like with borders and without \/


1.first tap on the Pack , and then tap on the wrench button

2.Now you can easily switch between textures !

we will keep updating the Pack , new mobs will come soon , but you can comment your favorite mob to be added sooner ! Also , pls let us know if you have found any bugs , just by commenting it here.


there is a “ -REVERSED- “ version for people who have the problem of shields appearing upside down , its a known 1.13 bug , so if the Original one is broken for you , try the “-REVERSED-“ Version.

                           – CREDITS –

  SENIOR H  Twitter                                                    ALIREZA Instagram


                             – MORE –

Previous Versions \/

Download v 1.0.1

Download v 2.0.0

Download v 3.0.1

Status \/

v : 4.0.0        

build : 7

Changelog View more
  • Changed download link to Mediafire because of some -Domain- problems.


  • Added 3 shields : Llama / Enderman / Shulker
  • Added a new variant: Borders



-Drowned ( w BORDER )



-Wandering Trader


fixed Turtle shields not appearing in the Game

fixed Skeleton shields not appearing in the Game


•Added Fox ( w-BORDER)

•Added Snow Fox (w-BORDER)

•Added Iron Golem (w-BORDER)

•Added Phantom (w-BORDER)

•Fixed some Texture Bugs



   - No Ads are included in the Download link -

  • download the Pack
  • after importing , active it on a world or on Global packs

    - Importing Tutorial for iOS13 users -

      ( without Jailbreak ) ( legal )

  • After downloading the pack , try to find “Minecraft” Folder in “Files” app ( its in the “on my iPhone/iPad” section )
  • try to move the “H SHIELDS” pack into the “recourse packs” folder
  • Done ! if you cant see it , pls relaunch your Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 (beta)


128x 16x 256x 32x 512x 64x

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Installation Guides

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26 Responses

4 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    my texture downloaded but its not shown help

  2. SergioTheSquire says:

    they could put the bees and the dragon of the end

  3. CraftyCreeperYT says:

    Can you plz make a fox sheild because foxes are my favorite animal!!!! 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

  4. Anonymous says:

    C’è solo lo shulcker e non gli altri

  5. Anonymous says:

    New version !
    Guys as you can see there is a “-REVERSED-“ version in the Download box , its made for people who have the problem “shields appearing upside down” and … ( Read more in description ! )

  6. TEAM H says:

    Guys , as you can see shields appear upside down in the game , well thats a known Minecraft 1.13 bug which will be fixed in next manor update i think , Addon is Alright!

  7. crazetoffer says:

    Plsss.. fix it shield images is in upsidedown.

  8. WhiteNinja says:

    Hi!, can you fix the creeper face in the mod because it is up sidedown

  9. Some Guy says:

    How do I use on xbox, its all set up proper. Dont know how 2 find, is it not compatible with other shaders etc?

  10. Morgoth says:

    Can you please make an Evoker?

  11. Dennnnnnn says:

    add enderman plz

  12. Anonymous says:

    The shields look great and I really like the flat color scheme they all have, but I think the green around the turtle doesn’t really match with the turtle itself. All the other ones look amazing but the green around the turtle seems too vibrant.

    • TEAM H says:

      Thanks my friend , will be fixed in 3.0.0 , i think i’ll release it next week because lots of textures are there to work on them and also v 2.0.0 is being released a few days later , 👍🏻 Thanks for your feedback !

  13. josquis fortis says:

    comment fait ton pour choisir son bouclier

    • TEAM H says:

      \/ I don’t know french language but this is the answer i translated through the Google Translate \/
      – Vous devez cliquer sur Addon et cliquer sur le bouton d’engrenage –

  14. robloxgamer 19192 says:

    Could you add wolves to people love them

  15. A Normal Minecraft Player says:

    how do i get the custom shield i cant get it i only hve a normal shield

  16. Slyfoxgamer805 says:

    My Minecraft just says “import failed” and other things like that.
    Could you show how to stop this?

  17. Blaze Power says:

    Make it with all mobs (and with the bee too)

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