TEAM H is back with another texture pack, which brings your favorite mob to your in-game shields! – There are lots of mobs included in the pack (with your choice). Enjoy it!

Do you remember the “H SHIELDS : BLOCKS” ? TEAM H is here again with another Pack which contains lots of Mob textures for your in-game Shields ! 

        How it looks in game \/

                   -AVAILABLE MOBS-

Creeper   •w Border

Zombie   •w Border

Skeleton  •w Border

Pig           •w Border

Turtle     •w  Border

Villager  •w Border

Chicken  •w Border

Sheep    •w Border

•Llama     •w Border




•Wandering Trader  •w Border

•Drowned    • w Border

•illager         • w Border

•Fox               • w Border

•Snow Fox   • w Border

•Phantom    • w Border

•Iron Golem • w Border

•Snow Golem • w Border

•Zombie Villager • w Border


how shields look like with borders and without \/


1.first tap on the Pack , and then tap on the wrench button

2.Now you can easily switch between textures !

we will keep updating the Pack , new mobs will come soon , but you can comment your favorite mob to be added sooner ! Also , pls let us know if you have found any bugs , just by commenting it here.


there is a “ -REVERSED- “ version for people who have the problem of shields appearing upside down , its a known 1.13 bug , so if the Original one is broken for you , try the “-REVERSED-“ Version.

                           – CREDITS –

  SENIOR H  Twitter                                                    ALIREZA Instagram


                             – MORE –

Previous Versions \/

Download v 1.0.1

Download v 2.0.0

Download v 3.0.1

Download v 4.0.0

Other Versions \/

Reversed v 3.0.1

Status \/

v : 5.0.0      

build : 8

Changelog View more
  • Changed download link to Mediafire because of some -Domain- problems.


  • Added 3 shields : Llama / Enderman / Shulker
  • Added a new variant: Borders



-Drowned ( w BORDER )



-Wandering Trader


fixed Turtle shields not appearing in the Game

fixed Skeleton shields not appearing in the Game


•Added Fox ( w-BORDER)

•Added Snow Fox (w-BORDER)

•Added Iron Golem (w-BORDER)

•Added Phantom (w-BORDER)

•Fixed some Texture Bugs


-Added : Zombie Villager (BORDER) , Snow Golem (BORDER) and Wither !



   - No Ads are included in the Download link -

  • download the Pack
  • after importing , active it on a world or on Global packs

    - Importing Tutorial for iOS13 users -

      ( without Jailbreak ) ( legal )

  • After downloading the pack , try to find “Minecraft” Folder in “Files” app ( its in the “on my iPhone/iPad” section )
  • try to move the “H SHIELDS” pack into the “recourse packs” folder
  • Done ! if you cant see it , pls relaunch your Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14


128x 16x 256x 32x 512x 64x

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

43 Responses

3.94 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Guest-8848283044 says:

    Plz add ravager

  2. CherokeeNative says:

    that Buts dude

  3. Grace Messenger says:

    McPacks DO NOT WORK!

  4. Anonymous says:

    it does not work help

  5. Pickle says:

    have not even downloaded this add on yet but it looks cool so 5 stars

  6. xh says:

    can you update the texture pack plz.

  7. Squidilinilium says:

    add squid please
    What’s the name of the original creator of Minecraft? Notch or Herobrine? the flying milk-able squid king herosquide

  8. PikachuOfPower says:


  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    import failed

  12. Unknown says:

    Does it work in realm

  13. Im U says:

    there is a error instaling it says

  14. Timber says:

    Can you please add horse, donkey and mule?
    Because that are my favorite animals.
    Great texture pack btw

  15. Anonymous says:

    my texture downloaded but its not shown help

    • Helper says:

      You’re probably on iOS. Yea. I had that problem, it’a a bug, but I sorta fixed it myself.

      DISCLAIMER: Depending on your attention span/tolerance, this may be confusing. Do not read on if you don’t trust me and/or don’t have the patience. Anyways, read on.

      Just download Google Drive. (You have to, and if you never used google drive or don’t know what that is, its a storage manager by you know, google. If you don’t trust me, then stop reading this. If you do know what it is or trust me, great. MAKE SURE you have a google account and log into google drive) Then, go to the pre-installed app by apple, called “Files.” Wait for a few seconds, then hold on the paper icon, with a name ending in “.mcpack” and you’ll eventually find “Drive.” Hit upload, then go to the drive app, tap the 3 dots at the top right with a gray zipper ending “.mcpack” and “Open in” (the four arrows.). Then open in minecraft, and your done.

      It’s a bug for all resource packs, hopefully they fix it soon

  16. SergioTheSquire says:

    they could put the bees and the dragon of the end

  17. CraftyCreeperYT says:

    Can you plz make a fox sheild because foxes are my favorite animal!!!! 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

  18. Anonymous says:

    C’è solo lo shulcker e non gli altri

  19. Anonymous says:

    New version !
    Guys as you can see there is a “-REVERSED-“ version in the Download box , its made for people who have the problem “shields appearing upside down” and … ( Read more in description ! )

  20. TEAM H says:

    Guys , as you can see shields appear upside down in the game , well thats a known Minecraft 1.13 bug which will be fixed in next manor update i think , Addon is Alright!

  21. crazetoffer says:

    Plsss.. fix it shield images is in upsidedown.

  22. WhiteNinja says:

    Hi!, can you fix the creeper face in the mod because it is up sidedown

  23. Some Guy says:

    How do I use on xbox, its all set up proper. Dont know how 2 find, is it not compatible with other shaders etc?

  24. Morgoth says:

    Can you please make an Evoker?

  25. Dennnnnnn says:

    add enderman plz

  26. Anonymous says:

    The shields look great and I really like the flat color scheme they all have, but I think the green around the turtle doesn’t really match with the turtle itself. All the other ones look amazing but the green around the turtle seems too vibrant.

    • TEAM H says:

      Thanks my friend , will be fixed in 3.0.0 , i think i’ll release it next week because lots of textures are there to work on them and also v 2.0.0 is being released a few days later , 👍🏻 Thanks for your feedback !

  27. josquis fortis says:

    comment fait ton pour choisir son bouclier

    • TEAM H says:

      \/ I don’t know french language but this is the answer i translated through the Google Translate \/
      – Vous devez cliquer sur Addon et cliquer sur le bouton d’engrenage –

  28. robloxgamer 19192 says:

    Could you add wolves to people love them

  29. A Normal Minecraft Player says:

    how do i get the custom shield i cant get it i only hve a normal shield

  30. Slyfoxgamer805 says:

    My Minecraft just says “import failed” and other things like that.
    Could you show how to stop this?

  31. Blaze Power says:

    Make it with all mobs (and with the bee too)

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