H4 MC Fortnite [Minigame]

This is a Fortnite based minigame map, which includes almost all of the Fortnite cities, and has a lobby where you can wait for the game to start. There are chests located inside of buildings all around the map, and will refill after each game.

The game automatically starts when at least two players are in the game. The game will start off with a countdown, then the party bus floor will drop. You then parachute down with an elytra and then fight to the death with weapons hidden around the map. This map is fully automatic and has been tested several times to make sure everything runs smooth.

Creator: HAVOC INS4NITY, YouTube Channel

Map Features

  • Refilling chests
  • Auto-running games
  • Custom loot
  • Custom terrain
  • 7 Towns – Lucky Landing, Tilted Towers, Anarchy Acres, Loot Lake, Shifty Shafts, Moist Mire

Custom Items

  • Scar Assualt Rifles – Just like the Fortnite Scar
  • Boogie Bombs – Freezes player
  • Med Kits – Heals 20 health
  • Bandages – Heals 4 health
  • Grenades –  Inflicts 4 damage
  • Cosmetic Melees – Every Fortnite melee



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85 Responses

4.27 / 5 (56 votes)
  1. BruhMaster297 says:

    I tried to download and it said the file is no longer stored on mediafire.

  2. tris says:

    can you make a pc version?

  3. GippiTY says:

    how to download this map

  4. MINATO UCHIHA says:


  5. Connor says:

    It does not work for me I’m iOS

  6. Cool Creeper says:

    It won’t even load the map.

  7. Josh says:

    How do you do it on console edition

  8. DankDvSnipez says:

    Good! I Like Your World Awesome I Playing With My Brothers and My Sister I Win Victory Royale Hahhha!

  9. Xcraft13 says:

    Please make PUBG Battle Ground

  10. Endy says:

    I can’t play

  11. Vader says:

    I like it but it make me leave the game and so blotchy pleace fix

  12. SuperSlayer285 says:

    does not work my friend cant join

  13. Hi says:

    When a new game starts, the person who made the map doesn’t teleport into the battle bus. Pls fix!

  14. MetalWind says:

    I love this map!!!!!!!

  15. Blackmamba says:

    How to start

  16. PubgIsBetter says:

    none of the places look anything like the game. I still enjoy the map, don’t mean to sound to be rude, but im just a bit dissapointed

  17. Jorge says:

    Nocht created

  18. MahNameIzJeff says:

    Where Can I Download The Packs Themselves Plus Add TNT as C4

  19. JakeFox says:

    love this

  20. Derpz says:

    i love fortnite

  21. Press start says:

    Hey creator can you please update this map and make a version with out the shaders
    My iPad Minecraft doesnt like shaders ok thanks

  22. SumSaltyBeef says:

    Question: is it possible to use the other Fortnite addon, I’m just wondering. Also amazing map and game!

  23. Volt says:

    Not downloading huh?

  24. SuperGamerGrady says:

    This is amazing! Great Job!

  25. Ace says:

    I wanted to know if there is a way to replace the “auto jump” with a button so that I can play with more that 2 people. Is there a way?

  26. WreckingGamer says:

    I turned on LAN and Invite Button isn’t showing up. HELP ME!!!
    PS: Do you need two OTHER people or two people including yourself?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Wont let me play with my friends please fix 🙁

  28. Davestructor says:


  29. DrTank98 says:

    Can you make the resource pack and behavior packs separate from the map it’s self so I can make my own world using them?

  30. Kerplunkmunkey says:

    I turned on Lan Settings and it just won’t let me Inv my friends…

  31. Miss Thoughts says:

    I really appreciate you making this map, Creator. It’s almost exactly alike with Fortnite! But there are a few flaws on this: Multiplayer. I can’t really play the game since my friend can’t join the map. In all honesty, yes, i do think this take a lot of effort and skill to make but could you please fix the bugs. I will come back soon, maybe in a day and I hope to see it fixed. Once again thank you for using your time looking at this comment and creating this map for us to play.

  32. Miss Truthful says:

    Please could you fix it so that my friends can play. Yes, I do love the amazing effort you put in this game but there is just one flaw. The battle bus is great, the loots are great. I love the resource pack. It’s just that I can’t play with any of my friends. Please do fix this bug. Anyways, thanks for creating this map! I really appreciate it.

  33. Gemini_Andromeda says:

    It does not work when you are waiting in the game. You have two people in the game and it does not work, all it says is that it is ‘waiting for two players’.

  34. Spiker0808 says:

    Is there a way to download resource packs from worlds that I’m not seeing? I want to use the Fortnite one as a global resource so if not please make a separate download for it creator.

  35. Lenny says:

    can fix the texture that is bugged and with the scar and peaks only a part is seen and not all and there is a lot of lag, if there is a way to fix the lag or the texture please tell me plz

  36. SuperGamer8194 says:

    This map is great. One thing I did not realize is that you have to have two OTHER people in the game for it to start and it’s a little lagy, but other than that this map is great. Also it needs some more items and guns.

  37. Unknown 909 says:

    I like the sound and the graphics but the items pls retexture it.

  38. Cassidy says:

    Is there a way to just get the texture pack for this?

  39. Justin says:

    Can I download the texture pack for this map?

  40. Unknown 909 says:

    Some of the items weren’t very cleared in phone/mobile version minecraft pls fix it

  41. Dad's DJ says:

    YO this map looks sick by sick I mean. Bad KILL YOUR SELF KID

  42. GamerzPlayz says:

    Similar Ro Rules Of Survival Awesoome…

  43. Gamergirl535 says:

    The command blocks and stuff are not working and whenever my brother joins the world it lags like crazy. I download it on my iPad mini iOS 11 pls fix and turn on lan games in settings whenever I do it will let my brother join but lag a lot. Fix because I always play the maps I download with my siblings

  44. doomedmedal93 says:

    i cant import it

  45. Anonymous says:

    Who wants to play with me username on xbox live but I’m on win 10 username is SavagePatchDud

  46. CreatorCommando says:

    LAG!! This map is fun but is some parts of the map it gets so laggy it’s unplayable! Pls fix this! I really want to play this map!

  47. Benjahusky says:

    The map won’t let me invite friends on Xbox live, please fix.

  48. Maddison21 says:

    I am not really a fan cuz me and my sis join worlds from her Xbox to my iPhone for some reason it won’t let us on here. 😡

  49. B a Ş k a n says:

    exactly 🙁

  50. Aigelle says:

    I like becuz the music is perfect and more the best

  51. TitanGalaxy000 says:

    This is an awesome map! Plz add more guns. You can retexture the snowball and you can up the damage for snowballs and make it an AR

  52. IDK says:

    I cant play it wont let me this is a disappointment please fix it so you could let people play it says that this has saved a new level it cannot be loaded.

  53. Pomell says:

    It doesn’t work my friend joins and says waiting for two players still please help

  54. It'sDragonCraft says:

    Pls make an Overwatch map next!

  55. I love this map !!!! says:

    Closing borders ?

  56. I love this map !!!! says:

    OMG it’s awesome !!!
    Adding mores guns ???
    Rocket laucher pls

  57. I love Fortnite says:

    OMG !!!!!!!

    Add custom sniper ?

  58. UnknownXnub says:

    Its cool that that I finally get to try fortnite in mcpe

  59. the Guy says:

    Sond cool

  60. Fireball1890000 says:

    Yay first comment and I love that game the graphics for the texture pack is great and the battle bus music

  61. FayeKerPH says:

    Sa wakas meron na rin.
    Eto inaantay ko.
    Thanks Map Creator.
    Thanks Editor for Approving this good map.

  62. Xaier says:

    i was waiting for some one to do this

  63. Sovuthereach says:

    I want to play this map so much I like this game

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