HabiRGB Dust Sans Add-On (Beta | V1.2 | New Theme Update)

Dust tale is a character centered about Sans. it is a short story about Dusttale. So this time, I am now making an addon about Dusttale with the character Dust! Sans. ok we see, how strong he is

sorry if there is a wrong model, because this is still a beta version.
Dust sans has a Gaster Blaster on the side. It is his main weapon. The Gaster blaster does a lot of damage.

Dust! Sans Status:

Health:60000-1(very impossible to beat)


1.Gaster Blaster:Deals 100000 damage plus instant damage effect. That’s the highest number I’ve heard in Minecraft

2.Purple Bones:Unlike the BONE of the sans, this purple bone is very deadly and dangerous, it will give the enemy the Weakness effect.

No screenshots because it’s very fast and can explode.

well, those are some of the statuses of Dust! Sans.

Dust! Sans Vs Scarlet King.

I hope you like it, because I have worked hard for this addon, don’t forget to give me credit if you want to make a video about this addon.

thank you

Changelog View more

1.Add New Fight Theme

2.Add New Ability( Bones Rainings )

In version 1.1,I made Dust Sans stronger, he can now kill unkillables mobs instantly.

Fix wrong words in the upstairs

Add Theme when Dust! Sans fight him target


He will likely make a strong explosion too, so turn off Mob Griefing Gamerule if your device is a potato


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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71 Responses

4.63 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. outerdustsans says:

    spongeswap is op

  2. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    You’ve stolen a lot of ideas from Mengxin, Rhex and me.

  3. francesco Rizzuto says:

    add the moves of dust sans h2vwither123 and take a cue from his model please

  4. francesco Rizzuto says:

    add the moves of dust sans h2vwither123 and take a cue from his model pls

  5. francesco Rizzuto says:

    please leave the two blasters in the shoulders pls pls

  6. francesco Rizzuto says:

    please leave the two blasters in the shoulders pls

  7. Counter Addons says:

    Good but can you remove the blasters next to Dust Sans to make it a bit better? Thank you.

  8. Bridan6223 says:

    So this is kinda a weird addon that I want you to make but I’ll do it anyway for the sake of Addons could you make a jaiden animations addon and yes I know this is a weird addon request but I’m curious because well she’s a cartoon and since she’s a cartoon

    She’s able to make anything she wants

    So like think of her as ink sans

    Her main weapon will be a giant pen

    So basically she’s gonna be a mix of one of your mobs AND possibly mobs from H2V

    Anyway this was my request thanks 😉

  9. Francesco rizzuto says:

    Oggi dimi che c’è il link di spongesans per favore lo sto aspettando da tantissimo per favore voglio il link

  10. Francesco rizzuto says:

    Where the link of spongsans

  11. Leod1012MCPE says:

    Can you remove the feature where he can permantly change the time to night and change the weather to storm? Oh, also can you make him fight H2VWither’s Sans and Gaster?

  12. Troncosoomar says:

    Can you add Dust Papyrus?

  13. outerdustsans says:

    could you do insantiy san🙂

  14. Francesco rizzuto says:

    could you do Blood dust sans pls

  15. Francesco rizzuto says:

    make sure it has one eye red and the other eye is purple and does not take fall and lava damage and do not pietrify him or write wrong

  16. Francesco rizzuto says:

    I give advice to improve it the first advice is that it can kill all the strongest mobs such as blood gaster and original king with a shot second advice I suggest you to put them into infinite life and I give you the last advice do that the giant blasters when they hit you they petrify you for 5:00 minutes these are Just suggestions then you can do as you like🙂

  17. Im not a impostor says:

    can you, make Error! Sans ??

  18. OnePunchCraft says:

    I have a suggestions
    1 Make dust sans unkillable not even bloody gaster or origin king can kill it
    2 Remove the miss thingy because dust sans doesn’t dodge
    3 Put the dust sans theme when dust sans is fighting
    And thats about it this are just suggestions you can do it or not thats up to you😁

  19. outerdustsans says:

    can you put dust sans theme pls nice addon

  20. computergrandpa says:

    dust sansmode?

  21. Ender_Philip says:

    Looks great good keep it up

  22. Guiyanfong says:

    Nice full star good I think this is better than hv2 wither123 nice 👍 🙂

  23. Im not a impostor says:

    Wow,very nice add-on

  24. BLY Craft (pecinta indonesia) says:

    Hai apakah kamu orang indonesia.caranya summon choices bagaimana

  25. I will make this more powerful that can defeat all ataomaticly

  26. Bridan6223 says:

    Just a little question who’s your favorite animator

  27. I say honestly, in this addon, I don’t steal any code in other addon.

  28. Kafi says:

    Finnaly thanks so much dust sans is cool you Made thanks

  29. Yes finally this is must be better than h2v dust sans Well I can’t Wait now the h2v dust sans

  30. Instinct.s says:

    Do you think you can work on the herobrine addon

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