Published on November 19, 2016

Half Heart 2 [Minigame]

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Do something with arrows in dispensers that you have to dodge ! Thanks it was awsome
How to upload maps to mcpedl
The levels aren't hard at all but it's challenging! Nice map! Make a Part 3 pls!
Amazing keep up the good work ;D
I really love this map :) please
make another one pls
:) *puppy eyes*
I really love this map :) plssssssssssssssssss make another one pls pls pls :) *puppy eyes*
Love it can't wait for part 3! Hopefully part 3 is harder!
When you make part 3 make sure you put "Don't break blocks" as a rule
I love half a heart keep up the great work
Thanks for approving the map again :D
The Pistons At the end are bot working Because the Clock isnt right ;( Pls Fix This