Halloween [16×16]

Creepers shaped as ghosts, zombie pigs and mummy sheeps – what more could you ask for in a Halloween texture pack? As Halloween is coming up you might be interested in a more suitable set of textures.

Almost every single block and mob is remodelled into something more scary and suitable for people who either enjoy gloomy graphics or just want to get in mood for Halloween. The sky has also changed color, it has turned into an orange-red color.

Creator: migue_300

halloween1hall3halloween2 halloween3

Download (Android)
Download (iOS)

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44 Responses

3.45 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Sad man says:

    Sad i cant pass this ads i cant DL it :'<

  2. RomanMender says:

    Just a quick tip you are using someone’s pack to get money out of a short link to display ads and YOU get the money

  3. Thunder says:

    Anyone have a download link without the annoying ads

  4. Sloth says:

    it doesn’t work the bc.vc link just takes me more ads

  5. PhobiaGamingYT says:

    How do you download for Windows 10? It’s the same thing as PE and Xbox. I got both Android and IOS downloaded, but I don’t know how to add it to the game.

  6. narwhal says:

    isn’t this from the mash up pack? did you steal it?

    • kaveend says:

      well yes and no he did take some of the textures from the mashup pack but he redid some of the textures like the night sky in the real mashup pack texture pack the night was normal dark blue
      in this one it’s dark red… but the thing is he just took the texture pack than just add a little more so its a yes and no…

  7. Keeley says:

    The installation keeps taking me to a link in another language please use mediafire and @atomic what’s the mashup pack called if I can’t get this I want that

  8. Jason says:

    This Texture pack Is Compatible with Windows 10 edition???

  9. Woowolf says:

    Isn’t it the texture pack from the Halloween mashup pack made a few years ago?

  10. AtomicSuperMe says:

    You didn’t make this. This is from the Halloween mash up pack from console (later ported to PE)

  11. Mackenzi s says:

    please help I want to download on my iPad but when I try to download it says open in Phonto please help!

  12. Mackenzi s says:

    There’s no installation link for iOS please help

  13. EpicAppKnight says:

    Why dont update it for version 1.0.7 and ya and the others texture pack too like Huahwhi texture pack please upgrade halloween and huahwhi to Version 1.0.7!!! i need it (:0[]0)

  14. OPOLO says:

    Editor why if I download for iOS its not work for me?

  15. Ruby says:

    dose it work for minecrraft windows 10 beta edition 0.16.0

  16. Endergaunt says:

    Is it working for mcpe 0.15.6 ?

  17. Reila says:

    It says it needs to be updated, I hope you will! This looks amazing!

  18. OmarX250000 says:

    Is it working for 0.13.0 build 3? 🙂

  19. wofulmoss says:

    this texture pack is amazing, im going to use this until Halloween is over

    • PhobiaGamingYT says:

      I’m going to use it when I get it, and it’s the middle of summer. Once I watched Stampy’s video, I was obsessed.

  20. Leslie says:

    Love this T-Pack

  21. Nolan says:

    I am looking forward to using this texture

  22. Alpi Games says:

    Work On V0.11.x ?
    I am No Sure 🙁

  23. Hendri Satria says:

    This work for mcpe v.0.11.1?

  24. Deathpunch1031 says:

    How do u get to the SecoND page

  25. Lisa watts says:

    Halloween texture pack is the my son wants

  26. Bob says:

    How do you install it

  27. Kelli says:

    Halloween texture pack is what I want for my son

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