Halloween: Michael Myers

It is Halloween night in Haddonfield, you are in Haddonfield hospital with the DR, you are investigating cases, especially you are investigating a specific one that is about “Michael Myers” the control room loses control and Michael Myers ends up escaping, you You will take charge of him and the DR and the Scientist will keep the control room safe again.

Defeat Michael Myers and make Haddonfield safe again.


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You’ll be in the town of Haddonfield

In the control center there are hundreds of cases but in this we will be seeing the Michael Myers

In Haddonfield you will also carry out missions

  • Ahora disponible también en Español el mapa. v1.1
  • Para la versión en español fueron modificadas estás cosas:
  • El texto fue cambiado TODO a español
  • Se cambiaron bloques para que no fuera igual que el de la versión en ingles
  • Se agregaron cosas extras


Changelog View more

  New version in English version 1.2!

  • New textures!
  • Many things were changed in the field of textures
  • I made modifications in commands
  • fix some bugs
  • directions were set where to go
  • A section was added to review the textures of the map and check that everything
    pulls perfectly
  • New images
New textures added
New places
More languages to download the map
Modifications within the map (Adjustments)
New texts on the map
The sounds were changed

*Ahora disponible en el idioma ESPAÑOL

*Nuevos links de descarga y más opciones para descargar el mapa

*El mapa fue mejorado

*Nuevas imágenes

*Nuevas descripciones

*Nuevos Textos dentro del Mapa

*Area remoleada para la versión en español exclusivamente todo esto solo para la versión en ESPAÑOL


Open the MediaFire link

Click on the download button

Open it with Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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  1. ResidentRex says:

    Wow, This was an amazing map. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. wiskyslow says:

    Okay, I’ve been seeing that if you get the copyright message, do the following: the link IF works, just close the page and reopen it and that’s it
    or download it via MEGA

  3. CrizYt1 says:

    Guys got a mediafire link I did. A bit of hacking and got the English version

  4. Killer Wolf Z says:

    Lol only when I commented About it MediaFire let me download the new version

  5. Killer Wolf Z says:

    This file is identified as copyright so MediaFire isn’t letting Me download it again for the new update

  6. Killer Wolf Z says:

    Btw you can add that file back to MediaFire
    First if you have the .mcworld file upload it to MediaFire and Done And edit the link

  7. Killer Wolf Z says:

    Very goooood map very good work

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